Bionic Eye Can Allow Blind To See

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Oddly enough, just yesterday I started reading a book about the human eye – and it talks about how the eye is one of the most important parts of the body – and unlike almost every other part of the body, can’t be “replaced” by some sort of mechanical system. That might no longer be true. Some scientists have been working on a bionic eye, and clinical trials have shown that it can help restore partial sight to those who are blind – at least enough to distinguish light from dark, and to make out some simple objects. The device works by implanting a device over a damaged retina, then using glasses with miniaturized cameras that send the signal directly to those implants, where the brain can try to interpret the signal. We mentioned the idea of bionic eyes about a year ago, so this report just has more details (and the results of clinical trials). In the meantime, forget Lasik, get ready to just throw out your eyes. When do we get the kind that can see through walls?

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Comments on “Bionic Eye Can Allow Blind To See”

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Bob Dole says:


If you’ve ever watched auto racing, you’d know there indeed are self-cleaning camera lenses. F1 car cams have a lens that can rotate through some sort of cleaning solution that wipes off the bugs and dirt.

So forget this human eye stuff. Plug me in with a WiFi eye so I can walk outside from the comfort of my couch!

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