by Mike Masnick

Is War The Killer App For Broadband?

from the might-be-true dept

For years people have been asking what the killer app for broadband would be. Everyone wanted to see the application that drove the great dialup masses to finally sign up for always-on, high speed internet access. Two years ago, everyone seemed to think it was Napster - until the music industry decided that protecting their own obsolete business model was more important than helping to jumpstart a different industry. So, now, it appears that we may have found a new killer app for broadband: war. People are going online to get their news (as we were just saying) and find that they need a broadband connection to see all the worthwhile videos of sandstorms and soldiers.

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    dorpus, 2 Apr 2003 @ 2:38am

    Is it?

    I've had better video conferences on a 56k modem than the choppy videophone crap that passes for war footage these days. Why are news organizations rushing to adopt an inferior technology?

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