by Mike Masnick

Hackers, Web Hosting Companies Become Censors Of War Coverage

from the come-on,-it's-fun dept

In a world with an open network like the internet, it's not just the government that can censor - it's anyone. Web hosting companies and hackers have become vigilante censors, taking down websites they find objectionable. Of course, the flip side to this is that, on the internet, content (once released) can't be kept hidden. So even if these sites are taken down, the information is out there, and can be replicated and mirrored very quickly.

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    dorpus, 28 Mar 2003 @ 12:06pm

    No more Big Bad Government

    Looks like we're moving out of the 20th century paradigm of blaming the big bad government for censorship or invasion of privacy. 21st century government will play a key role in protecting the freedoms of citizens who obey the law. Of course, if you're a criminal, all bets are off.

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