by Mike Masnick

Posting Résumés On Internet Job Sites Can Be Risky

from the watch-out... dept

So, you're out of work, and want to get a job pretty quickly. The obvious thing to do is go to an online job site and post up your resume, right? Maybe not. A new study says that there are plenty of risks associated with putting your resume online from identity theft to getting fired from your current job. The researchers also posted fake resumes, and found that those resumes were "stolen" and posted to other sites. As if to underscore that point, here's a different news story about an online job site that sued another job site for signing up for their service and then stealing all their resumes and posting them to their own site. Who knew the online job board business was so cut throat?

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    dorpus, 20 Feb 2003 @ 10:33am

    Bottom feeders

    Yeah, I regularly get emails from third-rate job sites inviting me to submit my resume. They had obviously harvested my email from other job search sites, because I only get such emails shortly after I post resumes. But I'll have to look into search sites that go a step further, thanks for the heads up.

    I was laid off last month (along with all the senior IT staff in the department). I have enough saved up to survive for a year, so I'm not lowering my standards as far as job searching goes. I was approached by a Japanese investment bank earlier this week but spurned them, since my life isn't about being controlled by money.

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  • identicon
    dana ward, 5 Mar 2003 @ 10:31am


    i clicked on the "stealing resumes..." highlighted portion of this article but the system could not connect me to that info.....are you able to send me the article in it's entirety? Thanks.

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