by Mike Masnick

Sending Bills To File Sharers

from the guilty-before-proven-innocent dept

The latest awful move by so-called "anti-piracy" groups, is one in Denmark, who has sent huge bills to the homes of those they say have been sharing files online. They monitored users of two different P2P programs, and based on a list of filenames alone, forced ISPs to reveal customer information. They then added up the "costs" of the offenses by saying a standard CD cost $16 and a standard movie cost $60 (?!?). To make it more likely that those who were "caught" would pay, they have said if those billed pay immediately, without going to court, they will cut the price in half. As the article points out, though, since this is all based on file names, there's simply no way to know if the files are actually what they say they are. Furthermore, people could easily take issue with the amounts chosen.

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