by Mike Masnick

Music Is Becoming A Racket

from the yet-another-example dept

The music industry is continually shooting itself in the foot with its repeated, shortsighted attempts to lock up music. A column over in the UK explains how the music industry is making a huge mistake with their new SACD format. It may sound better, but it can't be played on PCs, or turned into MP3s. For people who have changed how they listen to music, by creating complete MP3 collections (of music they bought, no less) that means SACDs are useless. These are people who are clearly music lovers, and the music industry is trying to shut them out by saying that they can only listen to music in one way.

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    Mark Fox, 31 Oct 2002 @ 2:58pm

    Not exactly

    All Super Audio CDs contain a second layer with the music in regular CD format. They can at least be played on a regular CD player, through maybe not on a computer. If you want better sound and multi-track capability there is no getting around the fact that you cannot use CDs as the physical medium.

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