by Mike Masnick

Hilary Rosen Loses Oxford Debate About Music Sharing

from the they-really-don't-get-it dept

There's one thing I've been wondering for a while now. Enough people have produced evidence that file sharing and such doesn't actually harm the entertainment industry, and the industry itself always fights back. They never seem to even consider the possibility that they're making a huge mistake here. What I've been wondering is if they really do believe the crap that they spew. It sounds like they might. Hilary Rosen showed up at an Oxford Union debate about music file sharing and thought she'd win points with the audience by asking how many of the file sharers in the crowd bought more music because of it. She seemed to assume that (of course) no one would say they bought more music because of songs they heard online and she would stand triumphant. However, when most of the people said they did buy more music, it seemed to confuse Rosen. Perhaps the reason the heads of the music industry believe this is because they're so greedy they can only think of ways to screw other people, rather than ways to offer them what they want at a reasonable price. Oh yeah, Rosen officially lost the debate - but I doubt she'll change her mind yet. She's not paid to do that.

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