Digital TV May Kill Your TiVo

from the that-would-be-bad dept

Well, no big surprise here, but the entertainment industry's latest brilliant move is to go back through time (again) and rewrite the rules so that taping a TV program will become illegal once again. Despite the fact that this (1) was proven completely legal many years ago and (2) led to a huge boom in VCR sales which helped the entertainment industry grow much larger - the industry itself still hates the idea that people might "tape" a show. So, the latest moves are to make sure that when digital TV finally arrives (if ever), you won't be able to do a damn thing with it. In fact, for those people who have already purchased TiVo-like devices, they may become next to useless. This is a typical "shoot yourself in the foot" move from the entertainment industry. It's almost comical how shortsighted the industry, as a whole, is.

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