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Documents Show The DEA Has Problems Constraining Itself To Losing The War On Drugs by 04-Dec-2023 10:52 AM (3 comments)
Investigation Exposes Yet Another Small Town That Is Little More Than A Law Enforcement Honeypot by 01-Dec-2023 19:39 PM (25 comments)
An Appeals Court Broke Media Advertising, So The Copia Institute Asked The California Supreme Court To Fix It by 30-Nov-2023 13:34 PM (38 comments)
California Court: Passwords Are Communications, Protected By The Stored Communications Act by 30-Nov-2023 12:13 PM (10 comments)
Court To Officers: You Can’t Charge Someone With Resisting Arrest When You Broke The Law With A Warrantless Entry by 29-Nov-2023 15:37 PM (66 comments)
Settlement Handed To 11-Year-Old Autistic Student Who Was Locked in A Cop Car For Hours, Hit With $25,000 Bail by 28-Nov-2023 20:10 PM (70 comments)
Fifth Circuit Says Siccing A Police Dog On A Suicidal Person Is Excessive Force, Still Grants Immunity To Officer by 27-Nov-2023 19:40 PM (76 comments)
Once Again, DOJ Fails To Convict Backpage Boss Of Sex Trafficking Or Prostitution by 22-Nov-2023 13:34 PM (73 comments)
Florida’s Anti-Drag Law Loses The Big One: Supreme Court Says Block On Unconstitutional Law Can Remain In Place by 21-Nov-2023 13:28 PM (31 comments)
FBI Director Admits Agency Rarely Has Probable Cause When It Performs Backdoor Searches Of NSA Collections by 21-Nov-2023 10:43 AM (9 comments)
NY Federal Court: There’s A Right To Record Police Officers And State Law Says That Includes Inside Station Lobbies by 20-Nov-2023 20:27 PM (31 comments)
WV Supreme Court: Omnipresent Concern Like ‘Officer Safety’ Can’t Be Used To Excuse Constitutional Violations by 17-Nov-2023 19:39 PM (135 comments)
Indiana’s Top Court Adds More Due Process To Forfeiture, Says A Jury Needs To Be Part Of The Process by 16-Nov-2023 12:51 PM (13 comments)
Indiana: Another Age Verification Bill Criminalizing Legal Pornography by 15-Nov-2023 13:46 PM (47 comments)
But What Do We Do If Google Is Legitimately Just A Better Search Engine? by 14-Nov-2023 12:04 PM (99 comments)
Well, It Looks Like Pretty Much Every Government Agency Was Complicit In The Raid Of A Small Town Newspaper by 13-Nov-2023 13:41 PM (34 comments)
Appeals Court Confirms Judge Gets No Immunity For Personally Searching Someone’s House by 09-Nov-2023 13:28 PM (18 comments)
Appeals Court: Bad Cloud Data Warrant Good Enough To Jail Someone For Crime Cops Weren’t Even Investigating by 08-Nov-2023 10:52 AM (18 comments)
Verizon, AT&T Customers Sue To Reverse T-Mobile Merger, Saying It Raised Everybody’s Prices by 07-Nov-2023 05:28 AM (26 comments)
Court: You Can’t Add A Lie To An Already-Executed Warrant And Expect Everything To Be Constitutional by 03-Nov-2023 19:39 PM (45 comments)
Just Because CSLI Warrants Are New-Ish Doesn’t Mean You Can You Can Skimp On The Probable Cause by 02-Nov-2023 14:05 PM (7 comments)
Corrupt LA Cops Saddle The City With More Lost Convictions by 01-Nov-2023 20:23 PM (12 comments)
Court Tells Cops That A Driver Not Laughing At An Officer’s Terrible Joke Is Not Reasonable Suspicion by 31-Oct-2023 15:42 PM (48 comments)
In One Lawsuit, Louisiana & Missouri Say Gov’t Can Never Pressure Websites To Change; In Another, They’re Looking To Pressure Websites To Change by 31-Oct-2023 09:25 AM (7 comments)
Google Search Default Payments Seem To Be The Opposite Of What You’d Expect For A Monopoly by 30-Oct-2023 12:17 PM (30 comments)
How The Courts Have Made It Easier For Cops To Steal From Citizens by 25-Oct-2023 13:25 PM (14 comments)
States All Gang Up To Sue Meta Based On Highly Questionable Theories Of ‘Harm’ To Children by 25-Oct-2023 09:31 AM (35 comments)
Air Canada Would Rather Sue A Website That Helps People Book More Flights Than Hire Competent Web Engineers by 24-Oct-2023 11:02 AM (26 comments)
California Bans ‘Excited Delirium’ As A Cause Of Death by 20-Oct-2023 19:39 PM (46 comments)
Fifth Circuit: The Government Doesn’t Need To Pay You For The Home It Destroyed To Effect An Arrest by 19-Oct-2023 15:30 PM (26 comments)

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