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DOJ Charges Officers For No Knock Warrant Lies That Led To The Killing Of Breonna Taylor by 16-Aug-2022 20:15 PM (77 comments)
Just Because The Espionage Act Has Been Abused For Political Purposes, It Does Not Mean The Trump Case Is Politically Motivated by and 16-Aug-2022 13:38 PM (185 comments)
US Cable Giant Charter Hit With $7 Billion Verdict After Tech Kills 83-Year-Old Customer by 16-Aug-2022 10:47 AM (15 comments)
Activision Wins Rule 11 Sanctions Over Frivolous ‘COD: Infinite Warfare’ Trial by 11-Aug-2022 20:01 PM (9 comments)
Cop Official Complains Cops Are Unfairly Hated, Refuses To Recognize Law Enforcement’s Lack Of Accountability by 11-Aug-2022 15:33 PM (158 comments)
Trump Campaign Releases Everyone Who Signed An NDA About 2016 Campaign, Saying It Will Not Try To Enforce Them by 10-Aug-2022 15:43 PM (172 comments)
West African Court Says Nigerian Government’s Seven-Month Twitter Ban Was Unlawful by 10-Aug-2022 10:45 AM (1 comment)
Appeals Court: ‘Frisking’ A Vehicle Is Completely Normal And Not Any Sort Of Rights Violation by 09-Aug-2022 20:08 PM (23 comments)
Teaching Content Moderators About How To Moderate Is Tough, But TikTok’s Partner Using Actual Child Sexual Abuse Material Is Likely Criminal by 09-Aug-2022 12:31 PM (24 comments)
New Jersey Cops Are Using DNA Drawn From Newborns In Criminal Investigations by 08-Aug-2022 20:07 PM (14 comments)
Cops Complain After San Diego Residents Are Finally Allowed To Oversee City Surveillance Programs by 08-Aug-2022 13:38 PM (11 comments)
Elon Musk Still Wants Everyone (Including The Judge) To Believe His Fight With Twitter Is About Spam. It’s Not by 08-Aug-2022 09:36 AM (56 comments)
Appeals Court Says No Evidence Suppression For Arrestee Who Tried To Eat Five SD Cards Found In His Possession by 05-Aug-2022 15:35 PM (23 comments)
Bail Conditions For Arrested Australian Activists Demand The Impossible: No Using Encrypted Applications by 05-Aug-2022 09:27 AM (22 comments)
Federal Judge Places County Jail Into Receivership After County Fails To Comply With Consent Decree by 04-Aug-2022 19:39 PM (21 comments)
Fifth Circuit: This Badge Wearing Serial Sexual Assaulter Is Beyond Even Our Expansive Definition Of Qualified Immunity by 02-Aug-2022 20:03 PM (25 comments)
Twitter Reports Spike In Government Data Requests, Including Double The Amount Targeting Journalists by 02-Aug-2022 10:53 AM (6 comments)
If Oculus Were Separate From Meta, Would The FTC Still Block Its Latest Acquisition? by 02-Aug-2022 09:27 AM (10 comments)
ShotSpotter Asks Court To Hold It In Contempt Rather Than Turn Over Information To Defense Lawyer by 01-Aug-2022 12:27 PM (18 comments)
Michigan Supreme Court Says Photographing, Fingerprinting People Without Probable Cause Is Unconstitutional by 01-Aug-2022 09:32 AM (8 comments)
Kansas Police Officer Who Killed Innocent Man During A Swatting Denied Qualified Immunity by 28-Jul-2022 20:29 PM (57 comments)
Devin Nunes Drops SLAPP Case He Lost Against Guy He Claims Is The Husband Of The Satirical Tweeting Cow Who Mocks Him by 28-Jul-2022 12:12 PM (8 comments)
Supreme Court Asked To Deny Qualified Immunity To County Engineer Who Decided Entrapment Was The Best Use Of Taxpayer Money by 26-Jul-2022 15:47 PM (15 comments)
More Horror Stories About Hertz’s False Theft Accusations Pile Up As Class Action Suit Moves Forward by 26-Jul-2022 09:32 AM (16 comments)
Fifth Circuit Tells Cops ‘Hispanic On A Bike’ Isn’t Enough Suspicion To Justify Stops Of Hispanics On Bikes by 25-Jul-2022 20:18 PM (5 comments)
If Someone Is Prattling On About Spam On Twitter And How That Helps Elon Musk, Send Them This Article by 25-Jul-2022 10:51 AM (177 comments)
Court Suppresses Phone Search, Telling Cops A Warrant With No Probable Cause Is Like Having No Warrant At All by 22-Jul-2022 09:25 AM (30 comments)
One Way To Lose Judicial Immunity: Perform Impromptu Warrantless Searches Of People’s Houses by 20-Jul-2022 09:22 AM (15 comments)
Twitter Wins Round One: Trial Over Musk Purchase Will Happen This Fall by 19-Jul-2022 12:12 PM (29 comments)
Supposed Terrorist Gets 20 Years In Prison For Uploading A Bomb-Making Video An FBI Agent Made For Him by 19-Jul-2022 09:25 AM (17 comments)

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