Techdirt Podcast Episode 325: What Is Web5?

from the three-plus-two dept

As advocates of decentralization and a protocols-not-platforms approach to the web, there’s a lot about the concept of Web3 that sounds appealing to us at Techdirt — but the details usually leave a lot to be desired. A new project called TBD from Block aims to move beyond all that, and while its invocation of “Web5” understandably invites skepticism, it’s actually a lot more interesting. This week, we’re joined by project lead Mike Brock to discuss how TBD and the concept of Web5 aims to grapple with the true potential of decentralization.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 325: What Is Web5?”

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elenalewis45 (profile) says:

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Nathaniel Borenstein (user link) says:

Ownership vs Control

You guys seemed to ultimately agree that there is no difference between ownership and control — that control is the essence of ownership. I see a small amount of daylight between the two, which is whatever value people ascribe to NFT’s. It might also be called “bragging rights.”

This is not a joke: NFT’s place a monetary value on a complete abstraction (“verifiable ownership of the first tweet”) and clearly many people see value in claiming that kind of privilege-free ownership. Those people might have too much money, but spending it on bragging rights isn’t fundamentally much sillier than spending it on sparkly rocks. It’s intellectual jewelry rather than physical.

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