Daily Deal: The Web Development Crash Course Bundle

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The Web Development Crash Course Bundle has 6 courses to help you become a master programmer. You’ll learn about C++, Bootstrap, Modern OpenGL, HTML, and more. The courses will teach you how to create websites, how to program for virtual reality, how to create your own games, and how to create your own apps. The bundle is on sale for $25.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: The Web Development Crash Course Bundle”

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1 Comment
Rekrul says:

Rules for Modern Website Design

  1. Always target only the very latest web browsers and make sure that the site breaks on any browser more than a couple versions old. If people won’t, or can’t use the very latest web browsers, then they don’t deserve to use your site. In fact, lock those losers completely out of your site with a message that they can’t bypass, telling them to upgrade their browser!

  2. Javascript should be your go-to method for doing absolutely EVERYTHING! Use it for displaying images, downloading files, entering information, you name it.

  3. Use lots of fancy tricks whenever possible! Making your site look cool is much more important than making it functional and easy to use.

  4. Don’t rely on boring, old, tried and trusted methods for doing things like user logins, or downloading files, create your own replacements for these things using Javascript! In the process, make sure that they break things like the browser remembering users’ passwords and fail on large files due to overflowing the buffer.

  5. If users can log into your site, don’t tell them the password requirements, but do make sure to tell them, one thing at a time, what their password is missing, such as a capital letter, a number, etc.

  6. Use a captcha, like the one that asks users to click on images containing a specific object. However, make sure that no matter how carefully they select the images, it always asks them to do it a second time.

  7. Completely redesign your web site every few years for no apparent reason. Claim that the design was "outdated" and create something completely new.

  8. When redesigning an existing web site, remember the HSU principle and make it; Harder to use, Slower to load, and Uglier to look at. Judge how successful you were at meeting these design goals by the number of complaints that you get.

  9. If your web site has a blog page, make sure it’s an endless scroll page. That way nobody will be able to read posts from a year ago because trying to buffer that much information will crash most browsers. If the blog is really active, they may not even be able to go back more than a month or two before their browser craps out!

  10. Design your site to look best on mobile devices. Nobody cares about computer users any more.

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