Daily Deal: Cyber Monday Roundup

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It’s Cyber Monday and we have some special coupon codes you can use on the following deals and throughout the store. Coupon code CMSAVE20 gets you 20% off anything that is NOT a digital product, CMSAVE40 gets you 40% off apps and software, and CMSAVE70 gets you 70% off e-learning deals.

The AirBlast Pro Earbuds are the newest version of the best-selling earbuds that comes at an unbeatable price point. Featuring top-notch sound quality, wireless charging, and advanced Bluetooth 5.1 technology, the AirBlast Pro is what you need. With an hour of charging time, you get to enjoy up to 3 hours of playtime for up to 49 ft operating distance. Use the earbuds with their charging case, and you get to experience up to 8 hours of non-stop music/talk time. They’re waterproof and can withstand water, sweat, or rain. A single pair is on sale for $40, 2 pairs for $55, or 3 pairs for $75.

The Dragon Alpha Z PRO Dual Camera Drone is equipped with a powerful wide angle 4K camera on the front and a 720p on the bottom. The front camera, with 90 degrees ESC adjustment, can help you to film and capture all the beautiful scenes you encounter. It has a companion app so you can view real-time images and not miss out at any moment. With an altitude hold mode function that stabilizes its flight, you do not have to constantly worry about the drone’s stability and can concentrate on capturing your image better. The headless mode eliminates the need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. The drone will return to its original point with one click, no matter where it was flying. It’s on sale for $100.

The HumBird Speaker is the world?s smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker that allows you to have a different but always spectacular listening experience anywhere. Using cutting-edge bone conduction technology, it delivers a high sound volume, being 4 to 5 times louder than the average cell phone speakers’ volume, reaching up to 115dB, and it allows you to personalize the tone quality. HumBird turns sound into a mechanic vibration of different frequencies, leveraging the effects of the different materials on top of which it is placed and used. Put HumBird anywhere and experience a DIY customizable experience of sound. It’s on sale for $26.95.

This Smart Keychain replaces the typical charging cable and uses the microcomputer electronic system to wirelessly charge the touch-sensitive Apple Watch by simply placing the watch on a black magnetic charger. It’s easy to use. This charger with a built-in 950mAh lithium-ion battery can charge all iWatch series. Portable, pocket-size when you’re outdoors, the pocket size of the portable charger will be carried around and it’s easy to put in your pocket and bag while you’re exercising. A single charger is on sale for $20, 2 for $39, or 4 for $77.

There are over a dozen different features now on the C-MAX Chrono-Max Smartwatch 1.69? full-color touchscreen display. Never miss a call, chat, or text when you get the alert right to your watch. See what the weather is like with one quick swipe. Control your music or audiobook playback, and track your sleep, fitness, and health vitals all on your wrist. The soft, flexible silicone band makes C-MAX comfortable to wear all day, every day. It’s available in 4 colors and on sale for $60.

Don’t forget to use those coupons!

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