Techdirt Podcast Episode 304: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Facebook

from the keeping-criticism-accurate dept

Facebook is under a lot of scrutiny lately, and for very good reasons! But the anger surrounding Facebook has also resulted in plenty of criticism that is misleading or downright inaccurate in its description of how the company operates and what it does — though Facebook itself carries some of the blame for that happening, too. The goal of fixing the problems with social media isn’t helped by misrepresenting what those problems are, so this week we’re joined by Gizmodo’s Shoshana Wodinsky to discuss all the things people get wrong about Facebook.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 304: What Everyone Gets Wrong About Facebook”

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Glenn says:

Fix social media?

Social media isn’t the problem so much as people using social media. Also, some people with too loud voices seem to be equating "social" with "sociable." I think they expect everyone to be nice with everyone else. When you start with mistaken ideas of what you’re dealing with, it’s pretty hard to get to a good place. These folks need fix themselves first.

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