Plagiarism By Techdirt: Our Plagiarized NFT Collection Can Now Actually Be Bid On

from the sorry-about-that dept

Place your bids on the Plagiarism NFT Collection by Techdirt »

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our latest experiment with NFTs (which is part of the research we’re doing into NFTs for a deep dive paper I’m working on). There’s a very long explanation to explain the NFTs in question and why we’re plagiarizing Prof. Brian Frye (but making them much, much cooler). But, after we posted that, we discovered one little problem. The platform that we were using, OpenSea (the most popular and user friendly NFT marketplace)… didn’t work. At least not for us. We’ve spent 3 weeks asking OpenSea to fix things and last night they finally figured out the problem, so that you can now (finally) actually bid in the open auction for our plagiarized set of NFTs about plagiarism.

There are tons of reasons to back them — some good, some less good — but at the very least, it will help support Techdirt, it will show that culture works by building on those who came before, not by locking up content, and it will let you experiment with NFTs if you haven’t already. Also, it’ll let you show how maybe people shouldn’t freak out over plagiarism all the time — and when else do you have a chance to do that?

The entire collection can be seen here, and they do look amazing, if I do say so myself.

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Comments on “Plagiarism By Techdirt: Our Plagiarized NFT Collection Can Now Actually Be Bid On”

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fairuse (profile) says:

Gotta Love Browser Fails

1 – Chrome is so wired to "Latest & Greatest" OS and applications it is the bubblewrap browser.

2 – Your OS is obsolete, update now.

3 – This insane process of protecting users by forcing them to buy new hardware and OS is the Microsoft "razor & blades" for computers.

Why am I on a rant? My antique Intel iMac 27", 10.6.8., browsers are now a paper weight on techdirt. Discord is random error messages, the NFT site is clock out of order (it;s not) error page. Just FYI on how sooner or later general purpose computer will be gone.

Pardons while I fetch wife’s windows 10, or ipad, or mobile. <– Screen size hell

Above all I will not replace my Video/Audio editing software for some cloud thing. I knew the days were numbered when Final Cut Pro was retooled into a mess.

MPAA has won this battle.

So what does my rant have to do with NFT – The rant is a NFT.

Unless I am still misunderstanding Non Fungible Tokens.

long day

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