Aldi, Brewdog Brand War Ends In The Best Possible Way: Collaboration

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The world may well feel like a terrible place to you right now. A pandemic is sweeping much of the world, with leaders from many countries playing the ostrich, or else treating the victims as though they were mere idiots. Racial tensions and brutal police practices are on full display, with the most surprising aspects being that they continue even as the world is shining a spotlight on the offenders. World leadership appears to be in full retreat, leaving space for truly nefarious actors to shoulder their way into ever more troubling activities.

Just last week, the White Sox beat the Cubs in two out of three. These are dark, dark times indeed.

But, hark, all ye who may despair, for I bring good tidings. Mere days ago, we talked about a brand war that appeared to be brewing (heh) between grocerer Aldi and Brewdog, a self-styled “punk brewery.” It started when Brewdog released a “Punk IPA”, fully in line with its branding motif. Aldi then released a beer called “Anti-Establishment IPA”, in a similar looking blue can. This led to Brewdog suggesting on Twitter that maybe it should release a “Yaldi” beer. Aldi said “ALD IPA” would be a better name… and Brewdog agreed, rebranding the beer under that name.

Notably absent from the whole episode were cease and desist notices from either side, lawyers filing trademark lawsuits, or any legal machinations of any kind. Instead, there was much good-natured ribbing and a fair amount of congenial creativity at play. In the end, Aldi’s social media accounts had a laugh at Brewdog taking its suggestion, and even mentioned it might have to save some aisle space for the newly branded beer.

Which, in conclusion, appears to be happening.

Were you like me, where some part of your professional life is spent writing stories about ever more stupid trademark disputes and far too may of them ending in even more stupid litigation, you would realize just how satisfying this is. Compared with pointless protectionism, this is such good business on so many levels.

Lawyer fees are completely avoided. Trademarks for all sides are still fine. Just fine. And, most importantly, an entirely new business arrangement, one which will make some good money judging by the response to this news, is entered into by both sides. Everyone is fine, everyone is happy, everyone makes money.

And everyone has at least a little bit of fun with all of this on top of it. Bravo all the way around.

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Comments on “Aldi, Brewdog Brand War Ends In The Best Possible Way: Collaboration”

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Stephen T. Stone (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Again: So what? Even if it is a PR move, it can still serve as an example of how to handle trademark conflicts without delving into expensive lawsuits: collaboration and a refusal to see the situation as a zero-sum game. I fail to see what’s horrible about that, and that’s assuming it is a PR move instead of a genuine trademark conflict that got solved by adults being mature and rational adults instead of greedy capitalist fucks.

charliebrown (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: I Doubt It

Have you seen inside an Aldi store? At least 95% of their groceries are packaged as knock-off’s. It’s nearly all made by/for Aldi but designed to look like a name brand. Not similar enough to cause confusion but similar enough that you know exactly what they’re imitating. So did they copy BrewDog’s beer? More than likely!

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