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Daily Deal: EVEN H4 Wireless Headphones with EarPrint Technology

from the good-deals-on-cool-stuff dept

The EVEN H4 Wireless Headphones are like your usual Bluetooth 5.0 headphones but better. It features a built-in quick and easy EarPrint setup that learns and adapts music to for your unique hearing profile so you never skip a beat or miss a note. Featuring EVEN’s voice assistant Sarah, the EarPrint is built into the headphones and only takes 90 seconds to set up. With over 20 hours of battery life, EVEN H4 lets you enjoy your music for the whole day. They’re on sale for $100 and if you use the code SAVE20EVENH4, you’ll receive an additional $20 off.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: EVEN H4 Wireless Headphones with EarPrint Technology”

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ECA (profile) says:

Just an aside.

With a quote from Michael Jackson, on site front page…?

"I use my EVEN H4’s for mixing and critical listening,
I trust what I’m hearing.
Tony Black
Grammy® award winning producer
(Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson)"

Im hoping that is Tony black and who he worked for.

It has controls for Android and apple, but is there a PC version?
Any system with BT 5.0??
ITS DOES have a passive mode..Wired.??

dkmyl (profile) says:

Re: Just an aside.

The quote is from Tony Black, who worked as a producer with Michale Jackson.
See more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Black_(record_producer)#:~:text=Tony%20Black%20is%20a%20record,of%20Alicia%20Keys%20in%202005.

It works out of the box – you don’t need an app. That is an optional add on that lets you store multiple EarPrints and control certain aspects of the system (voice alerts, power down, etc).
It has BT 5.0
It does have a wired passive mode.
Hope this was helpful.

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