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Yesterday, we wrote about law professor Brian Frye’s deployment of the phrase “ok, landlord” and its success in riling up copyright holders who, usually, are insistent that copyrighted content should be treated just like property. We liked the idea so much that we figured it ought to be on a t-shirt — and so now it is, among other things!

OK, Landlord t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, notebooks, and many other pieces of gear are now available on Threadless, where you can also find our Copying Is Not Theft gear. All profits support Techdirt, and irritate copyright maximalists!

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Comments on “New Gear By Techdirt: OK, Landlord”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Seems a bit *too* inside

I’m just chiming in. Since context is important, the context needs to be on the shirt somewhere.
Most widespread discussion of rent and landlords right now is based on Covid related rent strikes or holidays. I would hate for a reference to an extremely insightful Techdirt article to get lost in that particular shuffle.

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