This Week In Techdirt History: August 25th – 31st

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Five Years Ago

This week in 2014, as the events in Ferguson prompted us to continue scrutinizing the police, we looked at how a federal law ordering the Attorney General to gather data on police use of force had been ignored for 20 years. President Obama ordered a review of the military gear given to police departments, but it didn’t sound like it was going to result in any corrective action, even as we learned that cops were getting so much equipment that they were losing track of everything from rifles to Humvees. Some cops were facing felony charges for using government databases to screen potential dates, but when it comes to use of excessive force, the judicial system was a clear enabler.

Ten Years Ago

This week in 2009, a Swedish court got The Pirate Bay taken down by ordering one of its main ISPs to stop serving it, while the judge in the IsoHunt case surprised the MPAA by noting that it actually needed to prove infringement by US residents, and the DOJ — fresh off the appointment of a bunch of top entertainment industry lawyers — announced more funding and a new focus on intellectual property enforcement. Music publishers really kicked their war against lyric websites into high gear, we saw some evidence that copyright holders might be seeding torrents of their own files to find and sue downloaders, and we featured an interview with William Patry about how the copyright debate got so twisted.

But the real moment in Techdirt history this week in 2009 was that… we got hacked. Thankfully, the damage wasn’t too severe.

Fifteen Years Ago

This week in 2004, there was some suggestion that the Justice Department actually wasn’t so keen on doing Hollywood’s dirty work, though we know now how that ultimately played out. Indeed, the very same week, despite rumblings that the feds were going to announce a major crackdown on spammers, they ended up being more interested in going after file sharers and pirated software, followed by an attempt to make a big splash with a more general anti-cybercrime sweep that was basically just a press release.

Also this week in 2004: our criticism of a journalist for misunderstanding Wikipedia turned into a bit of an ongoing debate, some people began wondering if the war on spam would fuel major AI advancements, and rumors re-emerged about the possibility of a Google browser.

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Comments on “This Week In Techdirt History: August 25th – 31st”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Ah, good old horse with no name/Whatever. You could always count on him to surgically graft his lips around police genitalia at lightspeed. One imagines that he commemorated the sacking of the cop who suffocated Eric Garner by crying himself to sleep.

Kinda baffling how he went from that to whining about beta male cucks of all topics…

Anonymous Coward says:

Original Tom Terrific - Cartoon Wonder Boy on Capt. Kangaroo

Before either of those professional athletes earned the moniker, Tom Terrific was already seared into the minds of all children who grew up from the late 1950s through the 1970s and watched the Captain Kangaroo show. Tom Terrific was a crudely animated boy who lived in a treehouse and had a magic funnel for a hat. He got into many an adventure with his bumbling but lovable sidekick Mighty Manfred the wonder dog, in 5 minute cartoon episodes aired on the show.

No danger of confusing him with a sports fan star though; Tom Seaver’s right to it is secure.

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