China (Yes, China) Complains About Attack On Its 'Free Speech Rights' After Twitter/Facebook Boot Propaganda Accounts

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Oh come on. Earlier this week we wrote about both Twitter and Facebook shutting down a bunch of Chinese accounts that both companies claimed were state-backed accounts pushing propaganda/misinformation/attacks against Hong Kong protesters. Separately, Twitter also changed its policies to no longer accept advertising from state-backed media operations. The Chinese government — the very same government famous for aggressively censoring the entire internet — apparently is not happy about it, arguing that it’s a violation of free speech rights. Really.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed the allegations, made by the companies a day earlier, that the government had done something wrong in using online resources to portray the protests roiling Hong Kong as the work of ?cockroaches? spurred to action by shadowy Western forces.

Rather, ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, the accounts were not the work of alleged government disinformation teams but Chinese students and others living overseas who ?of course have the right to express their point of view.?

First of all, even assuming that they are Chinese students living abroad (already a dubious claim), they may have a right to express their point of view, but they don’t have a right to force Twitter and Facebook to host it. And, China knows this, considering that it currently bans both Twitter and Facebook in their country. So if it really believes that Chinese citizens deserve a right to express themselves on that platform, it might want to fix something back home first.

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Comments on “China (Yes, China) Complains About Attack On Its 'Free Speech Rights' After Twitter/Facebook Boot Propaganda Accounts”

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In China Now says:

The ADLified US press, and Chinese social media are on the same page: party control of narrative.

China is doing just fine.

Just the other day, a friend sent me videos of the huge armed convoy heading to H.K., and another friend noted that the convoy included a huge medical staff, which indicated potential violence.

Of course, back in the old days, I would write a news story, cuz thats a huge scoop.

But these days, I just laugh, and leave those stories alone, because the US has no free media either- its all vetted by the,ADL, and its tentacles into corporate media.

And I chuckle with my Chinese friends about the 富二代s illusions about democracratic government, eating itself alive since 2001, and the American police state crrapping itts pants every time another swastihoax happens.

China is safe from the threat of ADLification, though, so its safer than the US.

In China Now says:

Re: Re: Re:

Really Old GuyS remember the pre -ADLified media, which, good or bad, wasnt so blatantly ADLified©

So, as I watch the ongoing spectacle of the burning US constitution, and how it plays out in the blatantly Israelified/ ZioNaziJewishified© Ich -Du that the US has become- it really is comparitively peaceful from over here where I sit.

I mean: Freedom is Where You Find It©

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Right, it’s clearly the US’ fault for daring to have people critique government policy that’s the issue here, not the Chinese media suppression.

Thankfully every so often one of you overprivileged fucks pulls a stunt on the level of "Sue me if you dare, my father is Li Gang!" that even the government can’t hide away like an inconvenient truth.

The US is in a pretty sorry state but portraying China as some dirt-free utopia is another level of fucked in the head.

In China Now says:

Re: Re: Re:WeChat

Chinese social media is very robust, open, and regularly discusses those little rich brats/Mi 5/CIA recruits /“protesters "in. H.K.

And, China, just like the USSA! Routinely gives its foreign visitors extra latitude on SOCMED, spying no more /no less than FVEYs, sans ADL "redirection”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:WeChat

Yeah, funny story. The Li Gang incident was initially suppressed, and after a "public" apology all mention of the incident and discussion was suddenly scrubbed. "Regularly discussed," my ass.

Any discussion that happens online in China happens in spite of the system in place, not because of it.

In China Now says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:WeChat

Well, just like US fakenews avoids talking about Guo Wengui and his army of retired US cops, while laughably running fakerape stories about Liu Qiandong.

Or, how FAANG platforms allow, incite, encourage the radicalization/brainwashing of mass shooters by FVEYs/Israeli/NGOs, and then scrubs all that evidence after those guys go ballistic.

Sure, US media is so "free”.

And BTW, you forgot to throw in some shit about Tianenmen. Is your fentanyl buzz wearing off?????

Zof (profile) says:

I'm trying to understand why

The title of this story is promoting blatant racism against China, then actually reinforcing it with a blind justification (It’s ok to be this hateful just because it is now!)

"PPpppt, it’s CHINA! We can be as racist as we want because of made up crap crazy president said! Yeah! The same guy we pretend to hate when that sells clicks!"

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 I'm trying to understand why

It gets even more confusing when you also consider that one of Zof’s main talking points these days is "anti-conservative bias", i.e. kicking people off social media platforms for being mean or poking fun at other races, etc.

In that case you’d think that an alleged rant against a US adversary/competitor would be right up Zof’s alley, but nah. Even when the goals and stars are aligned the local trolls have a pathological need to grab one of their own AK47s so they can put on their best Swiss cheese impression using their foot.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Friday deep thoughts:

By ensuring Mexicans were employed at home, industry would have lost their main source of exploitable labour domestically in the US, politicians would have lost the political boogeyman of people crossing the border to be employed, and there’s a greater likelihood that they would stand up and demand higher wages once established.

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