Techdirt Podcast Episode 217: Public Interest Tech, With Bruce Schneier

from the for-the-good-of-all dept

Bruce Schneier is a name most Techdirt readers are very familiar with — he’s a famous computer security expert who most recently has taken up the mantle of Public Interest Technologist, and been exploring exactly what that means. This week, Bruce joins us on the podcast to discuss how technologists can dedicate themselves to the common good.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 217: Public Interest Tech, With Bruce Schneier”

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Harold Hark Singer-Angels says:

Okay, Maz: listened to this. First, your rapping "music" is

barely intelligible, which is good because just silly crude propaganda.

Then, you like, umm, giggle a lot? And have rising tones like asking question only it’s really, like, a statement? Quite annoying. But I do admit that you sound a little more confident, less NPR-ey now, so improved over several years. (Bill Gates is still a fumbly nerd: if ever improved, still abysmal.)

I transcribe a segment that turns out only too typical:

MM: What do you mean when you say, a public interest technologist?

Schneier: So it’s kind of a catch-all term. Ford Foundation defines it as technology practictioners who focus on social justice, the common good, and/or the public interest. Now, that feels kinda circular, but… I think we know it when we see it.

SO. Intuitive is good enough for Schneier; Masnick giggles but doesn’t object.

As for substance: there ain’t none! Just talking how wonderful it would be to get the right advisors onto Congressional staff and then have the (implied stupid AND ignorant)Congress-persons take the advice without question.

That’s it, 39 minutes of wishing, but only about five for me with the Dash-Here player, including to type the above segment.

Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

The part I don’t get: what exactly is awful and horrifying about a senator asking Mark Zuckerberg how Facebook makes its money?

Seems to me that if your inquiry involves allegations of shady business practices, getting someone to explain their business model is not only useful but something that is necessary to establish on the record. What’s the counter-argument here?
Because I’m not seeing why that’s a bad thing.

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