Techdirt Podcast Episode 215: Experimenting With Twitch

from the streaming-stories dept

Live streaming is here to stay, and it seems to be getting more popular by the minute — but for many people, it still seems like a foreign land and evokes a cliched “I feel old” response. This week, Mike is joined by not-so-regular-anymore co-host Dennis Yang, who has been experimenting with Twitch, to get a beginner’s perspective on the platform, the community, and the medium of streaming.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 215: Experimenting With Twitch”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Live content just still feels "old-fashioned" to me.

As someone who grew up in the era of VHS, the idea of watching stuff live has never appealed. It’s frustrating missing something when you need the toilet, or get peckish and go to fix yourself a sandwich.
It’s why Youtube was so nice when it came along, same as how Netflix was better than recording TV to watch later.
Livestreams just feel like a bygone era of TV.

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