Techdirt Podcast Episode 199: From Apple To The ACLU, With Jon Callas

from the range-of-expertise dept

Jon Callas has been at the forefront of computer security issues for a long time, most recently as the head of Apple’s team of internal hackers that try to break into the company’s own products. But just a couple of months ago he made a change, and left Apple to work on tech policy at the ACLU. This week, he joins us on the podcast to discuss the new job, computer security policy, and the latest phase of the crypto-wars.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 199: From Apple To The ACLU, With Jon Callas”

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Zof (profile) says:

What I always find amusing is the somber tones some writer will use when pretending Apple has security, or are experts at security.

iOS and OSX have topped the CVE list for vulnerable operating systems almost their entire existence. They literally, year after year, compete with each other to be the least secure OS. I believe OSX is "winning" right now.

Perhaps it was good he found a new job.

Prinny says:

It’s really disingenuous to talk about Facebook "paying" people for their data with coupons, dood. Payment means you end up with more money than you had before. Coupons do the opposite; they’re entirely worthless unless you spend money and therefore end up with less than you had before. The very best case scenario is that you save on something you were going to buy anyway and so you end up with not quite as much less money as you would have, but in reality the reason stores give out coupons like candy is because they serve as advertising, enticing you to buy more stuff and spend more of your money with them, dood!

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