Techdirt Podcast Episode 197: The Grand Re-Opening Of The Public Domain

from the it's-back dept

As our readers surely know by now, 2019 is the first time in a long time that new works have actually entered the public domain in the US! The Internet Archive and Creative Commons hosted a celebration of this fact, and this week we’re joined by IA’s Lila Bailey and CC’s Timothy Vollmer to talk about that event and the exciting possibilities of a re-opened public domain.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 197: The Grand Re-Opening Of The Public Domain”

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Solidarity Taco says:

The Pirate Bay has made a new effective "public domain"...

Offering valuable works for FREE, not these hoary antiques from a very dull era.

It’s been an entirely different milieu since broadband arrived most places, and what’s occurred is that the de facto public domain of rampant piracy is destroying the civil contract of copyright, and the reaction from moneyed interests is imminent. Then, you rail at "draconian" measures, the alleged stifling of "free speech", all of which pirates cause.

You have no known bullet points for what you like and would preserve of copyright, so I conclude that you don’t wish any of it.

Here at Techdirt is just the ad hoc assertion that you do "support copyright", while it appears to me that you wish to abolish copyright so ALL creative works are "public domain". Failing to get legislative action, you rely on piracy to kill off the copyright "regime" through lack of paying for works.

Anyhoo, don’t retreat into the past and claim a victory. No one wants those antiques, else they’d be out already, copyright or not.

Anonymous Coward says:

He doesn’t want to abolish copyright, but any ENFORCEMENT of it which would inconvenience “big tech.”

He also said piracy is not theft, but “competition” that should be defeated by superior business models which wouldn’t be necessary with proper enforcement. I’m on the other side of this coin, in that I believe that, if necessary to protect copyright from the massive piracy we see now, the internet needs to be rebuilt, even if it makes certain billion-dollar tech companies obsolete.

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