Daily Deal: The Complete UI & UX Design Master Class Bundle

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The Complete UI and UX Design Master Class Bundle contains 8 courses to help you learn how to design easy to use websites and mobiles apps. You will learn the basic tools of Photoshop specific to UI Design, the essential principles and concepts behind creating a simple and intuitive user experience, how to improve your designs with Modular Grid and Baseline Grid, and much more. Other courses cover Typography, freelancing, app button design, and a variety of Adobe tools. The bundle is on sale for $39.

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Comments on “Daily Deal: The Complete UI & UX Design Master Class Bundle”

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Rekrul says:

Modern website design 101

  1. Always code your web sites to only work on the very latest browser versions. In fact, include code that completely locks the user out of the entire site if their browser is more than a month old. After all, newer is always better and you should help play a part in forcing users to use the newest browser versions whether they like it or not!

  2. Use as much Javascript as possible. In fact, make sure that users can’t even view anything on the front page without Javascript enabled.

  3. Never directly link thumbnail images to their larger versions. Always use some sort of fancy Javascript trick to place the larger version over the page, or fade it in, or make it pop up.

  4. Make sure to include a captcha challenge before a user can post anything. Or download anything. Or view anything. Google’s reCAPTCHA is a good choice since it only works on the latest browser versions and users will have fun trying to guess which blurry images they’re supposed to click on.

  5. Include some circular links, those are always fun. For example; If you have files on the site, include a link to a download page where users choose which computer version they want, which links to a page where they choose the specific version they want, which then links to a page with links to get that file, and then all those links lead back to the original download page so they can start the process all over again. Fun!

  6. Choosing the right colors is very important. Pure white text on a pure black background is always a good choice. As an added bonus, your users will continue to see an afterimage of your site for a couple minutes after they look away from the screen or close your site.

  7. If you’re going to have a forum, don’t go with one of the boring choices that neatly organizes the forums, messages and threads in an easy to read format. Instead invent your own forum where all the messages go into one big pool, but they get differentiated by category so that users need to know the specific topic they’re searching for in order to find anything and their own messages disappear into the mishmash. Then when users reply to the messages, make sure that they’re crosslinked to other messages in other categories.

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