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Ninth Circuit Stops Monkeying Around And Denies En Banc Review Of The Monkey Selfie Case

from the it-ain't-over-till-its-over dept

Whatever will we do without the Monkey Selfie case rearing its not-actually-copyrighted head every few months? We might finally get to find out, now that the Ninth Circuit has declined to rehear the appeal en banc. This denial now makes clear that monkeys lack standing to sue for copyright, at least within the Ninth Circuit. Someday (hopefully not soon) we may find out what other Circuits have to say about primate copyrights, but for now we can finally be confident that they lack standing to sue over them here.

Provided that no cert petition is granted, of course. And given that this is a case that has thus far steadfastly refused to end, it is way too soon to be confident that this is truly the last we’ve heard from Naruto or any of his alleged next friends. We should at least know whether a cert petition’s been filed in about three months or so, though (see Rule 13), so stay tuned…

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Comments on “Ninth Circuit Stops Monkeying Around And Denies En Banc Review Of The Monkey Selfie Case”

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hij (profile) says:

Don't stop me now

The Supreme Court really needs to hear this. An overly educated ape (or lawyer as the case may be) needs to stand in front of the highest court in the US and explain how a less educated monkey took a picture with a camera, and then explain how it was a creative expression of the plaintiff.

Then other apes (or reporters as the case may be) will make the inevitable comparisons between legal briefs and tossing one’s poop.

Anonymous Coward says:

What an awful court decision. Now the monkeys will have no incentive to buy cameras and pursue a career in photography.

Look. Just look at the sales of professional cameras in the last three years. Sales are falling off a cliff since this decision.

The monkey haters will not be happy until both Canon and Nikon are bankrupt. What a travesty of justice.

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