Techdirt Podcast Episode 180: Do Short-Term Profits Hurt Long-Term Innovation?

from the near-and-far dept

Is the way companies are currently structured and operated conducive to long-term innovation? It’s a tough question, but there are plenty of reasons to consider that short-term profit incentives might be getting in the way of better overall innovation strategies — and lots of possibilities for how we might rethink companies to change this. This week, the regular crew of Mike, Hersh and Dennis discuss how this problem could be addressed, and whether there’s truly a problem at all.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 180: Do Short-Term Profits Hurt Long-Term Innovation?”

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X.Trak.TER says:

Impossible to out-parody! Can't decide whether problem exists!

This week, the regular crew of Mike, Hersh and Dennis discuss how this problem could be addressed, and whether there’s truly a problem at all.

Here’s advice, you uncerain kids: IGNORE any problem that you CAN ignore. Only weenies sit around discussing WHETHER. Sheesh.

Anonymouse says:

Of Course It Does!

I just quit a job where the head of the company is making short term decisions that have basically destroyed the companys future. All of the top staff have left in a complete brain drain and there is now a 60% drop in revenue in 2 years. 50 person company, market leader in our niche, we were on magazine covers just 3-4 years ago. There is still nothing out there better than our product. But you know, head of the company needs his bonus still. Its not like its going to hurt anything if letting another tenured developer go if it means the extra $100 grand at the end of the year is the difference between bonus and no bonus? Right?

Anonymous Coward says:

Considering, that most crucial inventions needed for the smartphone and Internet are government funded (Internet was funded by DARPA, http protocol was funded by EU, 3G was funded by state-owned NTT, touch screen was invented by Royal Radar Establishment and was first developed in CERN, IC – idea came from Royal Radar Establishment, US Army paid for the development) – yeah. No company would do it if government didn’t either pay for it, or gave them idea on a silver platter, as no company thinks long-term (like 50 years ahead) at all.

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