New Gear: The NSA Collection

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Recently, the folks at Government Attic filed a FOIA request that garnered a very cool response: a collection of posters made by the NSA in the 1950s and 60s to remind its employees about security. It wasn’t long before we got some requests to put them on t-shirts in the Techdirt Gear store and so… that’s exactly what we’ve done!

You can now get 24 of the NSA’s posters (with more coming soon) on premium t-shirts, hoodies and mugs from Teespring. Check out our store for the full NSA collection, or click the images below to go directly to the ones you like most.

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Comments on “New Gear: The NSA Collection”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Remember when Whatever/MyNameHere insisted that Techdirt was marketing scarcity like the routinely-criticized record labels, and he’d show Techdirt by mass manufacturing Techdirt T-shirts on the cheap, cutting off funding for the Shiva Ayyadurai lawsuit?

I’m still waiting for him to put the money where his mouth is…

Anonymous Coward says:

another request

A T-shirt printed with one of those WWII "Slap a Jap" government propaganda posters would make a great conversation piece (if for its shock value alone).

Since Techdirt is taking requests for fundraising ideas, how’s that for a request — 100% public domain and a guaranteed conversation piece. Not to mention suitable for wearing to your next tiki torch rally!

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