One Day Left To Get Your Copy Of CIA: Collect It All On Kickstarter!

from the time-is-running-out dept

If you haven’t yet heard about CIA: Collect It All, here’s the short version: the CIA recently declassified a top secret card game that it uses to train new recruits, and we’re making a version that you can play at home. The game puts players in the shoes of analysts leveraging a variety of real-world intelligence gathering techniques to solve global crises. It comes with over 150 high-quality playing cards, and is also available as a print-and-play PDF.

And you’ve got less than 36 hours to back the Kickstarter campaign and secure your copy!

CIA: Collect It All on Kickstarter

We currently have no plans to continue production of the game beyond this first print run, so now might be your only chance to get your hands on CIA: Collect It All. For more information on what the game’s all about, check out our recent Kickstarter update all about gameplay, as well as the latest episode of the Techdirt Podcast.

We’re continuing to work on playtesting the game, redesigning the cards, and filling in the redacted text from the CIA documents. We’re really excited to get this game into everyone’s hands, so check out our Kickstarter before the campaign ends tomorrow at midnight.

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Comments on “One Day Left To Get Your Copy Of CIA: Collect It All On Kickstarter!”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Suggestion

An online version would of course be great to have, but getting it developed would be, at best, a challenge. And it’s not hard to imagine an “at worst” scenario, just look at any of the hordes of Kickstarter projects that went far over budget and behind schedule, and in the end, failed miserably.

Printing a set of playing cards is about as easy and straightforward as a project can get, so there’s little chance of Mike Masnick’s reputation or bank account getting ruined over this. And speaking of bank accounts, with a hundred grand already collected, this Collect It All project is poised to be a substantial money maker to help pay Techdirt’s internet bills — and maybe even pay for Mike’s new backyard swimming pool, extra SUV, or whatever else he might be planning for that windfall.

As the online advertising market seems to be drying up, content creators have increasingly been pushed toward finding new revenue streams to support their work, and as selling the usual T-shirts and coffee mugs has been getting stale, new products are always a welcome addition. Hopefully there will be more such projects on Techdirt in the future, especially considering the immense success of this one.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Suggestion

Printing a set of playing cards is about as easy and straightforward as a project can get

To be fair, it doesn’t make for a very difficult software project either. The rules are public-domain meaning anyone could write it. If someone does, it might be interesting for Mike to provide an API to let people use their Techdirt logins (without revealing the password to the app).

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