Less Than One Week To Back Our Kickstarter For The CIA's Card Game; Also Reddit AMA Today

from the collect-it-all dept

So, we’re now less than a week away from the close of our Kickstarter campaign for our version of the CIA’s recently declassified training card game, which we’ve dubbed: CIA: Collect It All.

CIA: Collect It All on Kickstarter

We’ve been working hard on our version of the game, filling in redacted cards, testing and tweaking certain variations and playtesting, playtesting, playtesting. The game is quite a bit of fun — which is not something I’m used to saying about something the CIA initially created. The campaign ends next Tuesday, and we don’t currently have any plans to print the game after we do this one big run, so if you’re on the fence about it, now would be a good time to lean towards supporting it.

CIA: Collect It All on Kickstarter

Since a bunch of people have had questions about the game, we thought it would be good to go on Reddit and do an AMA about the game. The three of us who have been working on the game — myself and Leigh Beadon from Techdirt, and Randy Lubin from Diegetic Games — will all be hanging out on Reddit doing the AMA starting at about 10am PT / 1pm ET today. I’ll update this post with the link once it’s live, but you should just be able to hit up the /r/IAmA/ subreddit and find it. That’ll be the best place to have a discussion about the game, gameplay, design choices and the like (though we’ll also answer questions here or on Kickstarter). So stop by and ask some questions and find out what it feels like to play the CIA’s own card game. Update: Here’s the link to the AMA.

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Comments on “Less Than One Week To Back Our Kickstarter For The CIA's Card Game; Also Reddit AMA Today”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Reddit convo has signs of Mutual Admiration Society.

Already this vomit-inducing crawling:
— snip (’cause Lite mode doesn’t do Markdown) —
1 point·
12 minutes ago

I am kind of a fan of your style, Mike. The internet being what it is, you can kind of coast along and routinely enjoy the seriously well thought out works of others in a drive by fashion, a lot of the time. You guys figured out how to actually capture my attention, and get me to support that work with dollars. I can’t thank you enough for the insights I have absorbed from Techdirt, and how you put yourselves out there in the line of fire routinely, as a matter of principle.

I don’t mean to distract from the conversation in this thread, but can you tell me what I should be paying attention to right now, that I probably am not?
— end snip —

That really needs a Reality Check card.

Anyhoo, expect to deliver in November of this year, eh? Seems like long time to make millenials wait. And, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lips.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

" Can I print a copy of the pdf to gift 2 friends of mine?"

It says that the PDF is designed to be printed on a home printer, so you’ve got official permission for that right there (no 150 thousand dollar copyright infringement ‘fine’ to worry about). Any restrictions on printing, or what you can or cannot do with such prints would be covered in the license terms, if such a EULA is shrink-wrapped into it. If no EULA is present, then you are free to do anything with the prints that the law allows.

"Also, how much will the physical version cost after the kickstarter campaign end?"

Presumably most people would be aware that traditional printing is done in large batches, and once those units are sold, no more will be available until the next batch is printed. While it would not be a bad idea to print an extra one or two percent more than ordered to cover any possible manufacturing defects, units lost in delivery, or other problems that might arise, it would be premature to predict that these unrequisitioned surplus units might be offered for sale at anything other than the regular price.

Anonymous Coward says:

Highlights from Reddit (don't get excited, not much):

Q by “owlbearmanpig”:
> Leaving aside the legal issues, what are the ethical concerns that arise when you sell a game someone else designed and keep all the money?

Masnick (paraphrased): It’s a really great question. I’ve thought about that and I never have ethical problems when I get money.

From trai_dep:

> Hi, Mike.

> You’re a personal hero of mine because you fight for press and digital freedom, and you’re an amazing writer besides all of that. HERO!

> I was wondering if you could comment on the lawsuit by that guy claiming he invented e-mail. He sued some journalists who pointed out how laughably absurd that was.

Hey. There’s really not much I can say about the lawsuit as it remains an ongoing dispute.

By the way, appears that Reddit doesn’t like TOR, showed just “Not Found”; and definitely it’s lousily formatted with center column and useless borders, only all the topic text shown with TINY font size.

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Highlights from Reddit (don't get excited, not much):

Masnick (paraphrased): It’s a really great question. I’ve thought about that and I never have ethical problems when I get money.

If that’s how you paraphrased what I said, you need to work on your paraphrasing skills, man. For the record, you can read what I actually said at the following link:


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