Reminder: Fill Out Your Working Futures Survey And Help Define The Future Of Work

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As a reminder, our Working Futures scenario planning game around the future of work question is in full swing. If you haven’t yet filled out our survey, please do so soon. There have been some great, thoughtful and insightful ideas provided so far, and it’s already shaped some of how we’ll be proceeding. We’ve been hard at work designing the specifics of how the “game” part of this will work, with our first workshop to be held next week. While that event is invite only, we still have a few open seats — so if you’ll be in San Francisco next week and think you have something you can add to this discussion, feel free to request an invite via the website. The event itself will be an interactive, guided game for developing a bunch of scenarios. Once we’ve had a chance to go through the results, we’ll begin sharing some of the details — but the overall results will only get better if you participate as well — so go fill out the survey.

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Comments on “Reminder: Fill Out Your Working Futures Survey And Help Define The Future Of Work”

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Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: When will the results of the survey be posted?

When will the results (conclusions, synopsis, expository, whatever) of the survey be released publicly?

It’ll be a few months. But we’ll be taking the results of this survey and using them in our event next week to help craft the scenario frameworks… and then we’ll be using those scenario frameworks to work with sci-fi writers to craft stories. At some point we’ll release both the frameworks and the scenarios (and possibly some aggregate data on the survey).

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Warning for potential survey-takers

Don’t even start trying to fill it out without disabling your privacy extensions. The form is totally broken with NoScript active. The numeric inputs aren’t actual input elements, and the Next button does nothing.

Maybe we’re weeding out people who get overly sensitive about javascript. (And, yes, I use NoScript myself, but I’m also able to determine situations where it’s reasonable to use javascript and to temporarily disable it in order to accomplish a reasonable goal).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Warning for potential survey-takers

If that’s what you want, the whole document should be wrapped in a display:none that gets undone by Javascript, so that script-free users can’t even start on the survey. My complaint is not solely that it requires Javascript (though in this case, I am unhappy about that since nothing you ask should require it). It’s that the form looks almost like it will work. Users get partway through filling it out, then discover that it’s broken, cannot be submitted, and reloading the page to allow Javascript discards all their entries to date. That’s just rude, and could easily be avoided either by not needing Javascript or by ensuring that script-free users are forced to give up before they spend any time on the page.

Anonymous Coward says:

I’m still skeptical that anything substantive will come out of this. So many of these “Future Of Work” panels/workshops/debates/whatever usually end in mealy-mouthed platitudes that try to avoid shaking up the status-quo. None of these things have ever ended with the participants presenting necessary indictments of governments, corporations, or other institutions for their failures to take serious action to prepare for the inevitable future where most (if not all) jobs get eliminated by AI and robotics.

I would love to see a roundtable with the chutzpah to do that, and put forth concrete, reasonable goals that could be achieved.

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