Techdirt Podcast Episode 162: Can The Blockchain Save Publishers?

from the we'll-see dept

After the recent launch of, which aims to use the blockchain to create a new business model for digital media companies, Mike was… unconvinced. This led to a Twitter discussion with CEO Jarrod Dicker, which in turn led to a longer in-person conversation about the ideas behind the service and where it might go — and you can listen to the whole thing on this week’s podcast episode.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 162: Can The Blockchain Save Publishers?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No, it cannot

you can listen to the whole thing on this week’s podcast episode

Well, I can’t ("401 Unauthorized" with a totally blank body). And I see no transcript.

Anyway, their page says the tools can "automate the licensing process"; and "register your assets", whatever that means. It doesn’t say anything about why society would need concepts such as licensing, publishers or content ownership. In the absence of scarcity I don’t see that we do.

Authors can use blockchains to accept money. Okay, call the authors "publishers" and maybe it will help (but "save"?—they’re not dying; the rate of creation has never been higher). They can do it without this service.

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