NY Mets Oppose Trademark For Medical Exam Tracking System (METS) Claiming Potential Customer Confusion

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Look, dear reader, I live in the real world. I see a great many people genuinely confused about a great many things that shouldn’t be confusing, so I’m aware of how many morons in a hurry occupy this planet. Still, I’m struggling to imagine anyone being confused by the trademark application currently being opposed by the New York Mets baseball team.

Comprehensive Health Services, a source for workforce medical services, registered a “METS” trademark for its proprietary Medical Exam Tracking System, trademark records show. The Cape Canaveral-based METS, according to the trademark application, provides “online non-downloadable cloud-based and client-server software for generating, managing and exchanging medical information.”

The Flushing, NY, Mets, in a notice of opposition filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on July 24, are objecting to the award of the trademark to the Florida outfit. The baseball Mets claim both companies are practically in the same business and the public could be confused.

The “practically in the same business” claim rests on the Mets noting that the team provides “online non-downloadable software online for the purpose of facilitating organization of information about baseball games, events and venues.” Practically in the same business appears to be a gross exaggeration on par with my claim that I am the beacon of sexual charisma for North America. I’m trying to picture the reaction of the person examining this opposition, hoping they had the same mind-halting moment at reading this.

The only other claims in the opposition appear to rest on the fact that the Mets have held their own trademark for half a century and yet another strange claim that the logos for both companies would be confusing, because apparently the public can’t differentiate between the New York City skyline and a heart rate monitor line.

Apparently that’s enough for the MLB team, whose logo includes a backdrop of Gotham’s skyline, to take further issue with a METS’ mark that depicts what its application calls a “stylized heart rate line.”

Here’s the proposed logo. Try not to go into a blithering stupor over your own confusion.

This is normally where I’d come up with an arguably witty retort to how silly this all is, but I shouldn’t have to. This opposition by the New York Mets is bonkers.

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Comments on “NY Mets Oppose Trademark For Medical Exam Tracking System (METS) Claiming Potential Customer Confusion”

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John85851 (profile) says:

A joke too far

This reminds me of the joke on “Friends”:
Joey is taking a lady out on a date and asks Ross where to go.
Ross: Take her to the Met.
Joey: The Met? That’s great! I love baseball.
Ross: No, not the Mets, the Met- the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Joey: Really? That’s confusing. You’d think one of them would change their name.

So it would be more logical for the Mets to go after the Met since the words are so similar. No one will confuse a software program for a baseball team, but they might confuse the locations in New York.

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