Techdirt Podcast Episode 123: No, The MP3 Isn't Dead

from the seriously,-damnit dept

When the “death of the MP3” started being reported, we were among the very few blogs that said umm, no — but the deluge of eulogies for the still-thriving format has been overwhelming and quite surprising. This week I join the podcast to discuss why the MP3 isn’t dead, and how so much of the tech press got it so wrong.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 123: No, The MP3 Isn't Dead”

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Hugo Connery (profile) says:

Doubt and verify

So, the “interested parties” of FOSS people get the story right, but the general (commercial) tech journalists get it wrong (with some margin of error on that statement).

Commercial journalists are on a treadmill and, as well observed, the title “MP3 is Dead” looks great. Compose, link, file, forget.

I saw the issue early, thanks to techdirt, and read the Iprogrammer article. This, I hope, is what we hope our media audience (i.e everyone) will do.

For people: trust and verify.
For journalists: doubt and verify

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