Techdirt Podcast Episode 106: An Office In A Bag

from the home-is-where-you-plug-in-your-charger dept

After years of working on the go, Mike has the mobile office down to a science — and wherever he sets it up, nearby gadget geeks have plenty of questions and comments (here’s a rundown of his set-up). So this week we’re joined by Espree Devora, host of the podcasts Women In Tech and We Are L.A. Tech, for a fun discussion about today’s high-tech offices-in-bags.

Also: we’re getting ready to record our first exclusive patron-only episode for our supporters on Patreon, which means it’s time for those who backed us at a level of $5/month or more to submit questions for the Q&A portion. If you’re one of those patrons, you can now find a post calling for questions in our Patreon feed and submit yours in the comments. If you’re not, but you want to submit a question or just get access to the episode once it’s released, now’s the time to support the Techdirt Podcast on Patreon. We’ve only gotten a couple questions so far, but at least one is rich enough for us to do an entire episode in response — still, we want to give others a chance, so we’re likely delaying the release of the episode until early next month. If you want to ask a question, don’t wait around!

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 106: An Office In A Bag”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Like, oh my god, literally!

Like, what was not to like, literally like?

Like although like, you could like literally like remove like like and like literally like and like cut the time down to like at least like half like.

She is like charismatic and literally energetic like. Mike and Dennis were literally like making her feel like she was at a funeral like. They literally like added a bit of tone like after she like literally like made that funeral comment like

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