CNN Uses Copyright To Block Viral Clip Of Van Jones' Impassioned Statement

from the can't-have-people-hear-that-without-paying-cnn dept

This election year may have been something of a clusterfuck for just about everyone… but it was damn good for CNN. The cable news channel that was generally filled with some of the most idiotic and meaningless banter made out like a bandit, apparently bringing in a billion dollars in profit by being the country’s official organ player in a grand circus of political entertainment. The hiring of direct partisans on both sides, the failure to do very much actual deep looking at anything, and the complete pointlessness of whatever a Wolf Blitzer is all seemed to delight in turning anything about issues into horse race he said/she said soundbites.

And now it’s being an annoying copyright asshole too.

As you may have heard, on election night, as the results rolled in, Clinton surrogate Van Jones made a very impassioned speech about the very real fear that he and many others felt about the results. It’s worth watching.

And CNN is really pissed off if you watch that without adding another stack of pennies to their billion dollar profits.

?CNN views this as a violation of our intellectual property rights,? said Andrew Morse, executive vice president of editorial for CNN, which is owned by Time Warner Inc.?s Turner. ?We take that very seriously. The video was used without attribution or permission. We are currently exploring our options with regards to NowThis, Facebook and Twitter.?

To be fair, it looks like CNN’s main focus is on a specific operation — NowThis — which was sharing the clip and was able to get more Facebook and Twitter shares of the video than CNN’s own team. But, really, what does that say about CNN’s social media operations — that they let some other third-party get the jump on them and better promote their own videos? Is it infringement? It’s possible, though I think there’s a strong fair use argument there as well. But either way, that’s not even the point. Here was a chance to actually share a rare “real” rather than plastic moment on CNN with lots and lots of people, and CNN was so focused on how it directly impacted their bottom line that they had to shut it down for anyone getting attention for it that wasn’t CNN directly.

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Comments on “CNN Uses Copyright To Block Viral Clip Of Van Jones' Impassioned Statement”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Emotional blather based on lies

This is case in point why the left lost. Their lies are no longer working. Their fear is no long working. Their name calling and labeling are no longer working. They have cried wolf too much.

Go to Wikileaks and read what the DNC think of minorities. Look for the phrase “taco bowl”. Look at the condescending attitude of the liberal elites to middle America. Watch the video below to see their condescending attitude toward minorities.

My fear is the left will not figure out why they lost and will continue their false gender war, race war and class war. Come to the table and talk ideas or keep suffering defeat (see link below).

Not an Electronic Rodent (profile) says:

Re: Emotional blather based on lies

Come to the table and talk ideas or keep suffering defeat

Who the hell would they talk to? Like the UK, modern US politics is based on selecting whichever faeces-throwing primate is left least odoriferous when the music stops. Any table in the middle of that is undoubtedly going to be covered in shit.

Wyrm (profile) says:

Re: Emotional blather based on lies

Yes, lies don’t work anymore. /s

Tell me that again after seeing how Trump works as president in a few months… Or check right now who’s left after he "drains the swamp".

Also, fear doesn’t work anymore, says you who (apparently) supports a guy who did get elected on messages of fear, hate and division.

Anonymous Coward says:

Left did not lose ... anti-establishment won

People voted Barack Obama because it was assumed as black man he *must* be a political outsider. He campaigned with “Change we can believe in”. What a disappointment.

Trump is an outsider, had to fight the establishment to stay on the ticket, and it’s hoped he will clean political house. Likely he will be a bigger disappointment but at least he is an outsider.

With a bit more organization, and ignoring the clowns in the MTM, maybe we can build infrastructure outside the mainstream to get this right sometime in the future.

Who could possibly have believed Clinton was the chosen one?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Left did not lose ... anti-establishment won

People keep saying Trump is anti-establishment, but look at his inner circle. They’re establishment figures. His rumored Fed chairman favorite is the epitome of a Wall Street banker. He’s picked Reince Priebus, the chair of the bleeding RNC, as his chief of staff.

His circus act is just enough to keep everyone distracted. He’s not an outsider at all, he’s a bloody real estate billionaire. He just comes from the corporate side of the establishment, not the government side.

orbitalinsertion (profile) says:

“Without attribution”. Except the freaking CNN logo that is plastered on the screen every second, in case you don’t know what channel you were watching. If i posted it i would add a click through to the original source… assuming that CNN, in this case, had the damn clip posted themselves and it wouldn’t disappear in a week.

The problem is that people like their aggregated news and whatever feeds and sites. If you don’t know how to monetize your aggregated content, if you truly must, then that is your problem, regardless as to whether use is infringing or not.

If all sites were not so hellishly heavy, people would be more inclined to visit more individual sites. Business drove this, and now people, aside from being too lazy to really delve into anything most of the time, or even click through, or read past a headline or blurb, are much more reluctant to try and load one more overbearing page that might hang the browser or app and will stick with one of their preferred aggregators (and aggregators of aggregators of aggregators…), however good or bad they may be.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

If I only had the time…..
Take that clip, edit out anything CNN, replace it with WAP ( Without Attribution or Permission ) put some other stuff on there like a ruling ticker saying crao like “WAP, where news goes to die” “WAP working hard to CNN ( Cover up Network News)”

Post my transformative parody and tell them to enjoy.

Anonymous Coward says:

Van Jones is acting like a whiney little bitch

This was NOT a whitelash. This wasn’t about racism. To those protesting and throwing a fucking fit in the streets, I say this “Where were you when the DNC screwed Bernie?”. If I’d had the choice between Trump and Bernie, I would’ve voted for Bernie. Instead, Democrats just all laid down and let it happen. Thusly, I was left with no choice at all. Clinton was NOT an option. This is YOUR OWN FAULT!

Average Confused Liberal says:

Re: Van Jones is acting like a whiney little bitch

Clinton not an option?! What, can’t vote for a woman? You’re a misogynistic pig trying to keep women down!

White men have been presidents for centuries, finally we get a black one, next we needed a white woman and then a black woman. Then we can get a gay black Jew into office. Personally I’m waiting for the gay transgender hermaphrodite interracial African Chinese Indian Latino former Christian turned atheist to get elected president. Who could pass up voting for that?!

When Dr. King was fighting for civil rights some asshole racist said something like judge people by their character not their appearance. I’m glad King was there to point out that it should be the other way around!

I voted for Obama because he’s was black, I voted for Clinton because she was a woman. If you voted for their opponents that makes you a misogynist racist!

Mike Masnick (profile) says:


This is a story about copyright claims.

And yet all the comments are from people whining about stuff totally unrelated to the story because they want to get political. No one gives a shit if you like the people in the video. That has nothing to do with this story. You look foolish commenting on that.

Stop it. Go off to some other site. There was nothing political about this post.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Odd

No kidding, I used to visit this site daily years ago for its fine writing on pertinent topics specifically a favorite of mine and mikes, copyright law (censorship imo). But over the last few years it went down to weekly, then monthly, now its whenever I can stand the implicit bashing innuendo.

Mike, how are you falling into CNN like practice of bashing your commenters (FANS) for commenting on your piece, in ways you don’t like (IYO off topic) when your writing is obviously to blame when you can’t even write one story without the implicit bash of DJT (no one cares if you don’t like him, we care about the opinions on the subjects WE COME HERE FOR).

So sad that I might have to finally ditch this site and label it a rag like so many others. Please stop so I don’t have to.

(Anon for years)

Anonymous Coward says:

The video talks about having a real conversation over what happened. But CNN is not really interested in having a real conversation.

CNN won’t have a real conversation about how Obama promised transparency and failed. He invited industry interests to negotiate trade agreements in secret while leaving the entire public out of the discussion. He went after whistle blowers.

They don’t want to have a real discussion about how Hillary will also cater to industry interests because she is also bought and paid for just like Obama. She was in favor of TPP because she was catering to industry interests and only temporarily suspended her favoritism for it to get votes because she knew, even before running for president, that the people don’t want this agreement. But everyone knows that as soon as she gets elected she will either ‘fix’ TPP, but not really fix it, or she will push for similar legislation intended to cater to industry interests.

If CNN really wants to have a real conversation about this why don’t they put Mike Masnick on their show and let him have a real conversation about this. A real conversation about how our existing copy’right’ laws have been bought and paid for by industry interests and are not what the people want. A real conversation about how a few corporations have managed to use government to monopolize broadcasting spectra and cableco/broadband distribution. Lets have that real conversation CNN. You won’t because you are exactly part of the problem. You benefit from these corporate bought laws that Hillary was expected to help you push.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Notice how everyone was holding up anti-TPP signs and the media hardly even mentioned the TPP. They don’t want to actually discuss the issues. They didn’t want to actually discuss what was wrong with TPP and why the people were so against it (ie: it was being secretly negotiated with industry interests invited and it was intended to cater to them with no regard for the will of the people. People are sick and tired of extending and expanding our already overreaching IP laws).

The media has no interest in actually discussing the issues because they are exactly part of the problem.

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