Free Open Shared: A Conversation With Me About Copyright At Wikimedia

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For folks in the San Francisco area, on Thursday night, I’ll be at the Wikimedia Foundation for Wikimedia’s brand new, awesome event series: Free Open Shared. I’ll be giving a talk on copyright, why it matters, and how the fight over copyright reform impacts all sorts of important stuff, including many things that people don’t think of as being related to copyright. I’ll be giving a talk and then there will be a Q&A session as well. For those not in the area, they’re planning on live streaming the event, and there should be a recording that we can post here as well, but it’s always nice to see folks in person (and also, it’s much easier to take part in the Q&A that way…). RSVP is required and space is limited, so if you can make it, join us for a fun conversation on copyright.

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Comments on “Free Open Shared: A Conversation With Me About Copyright At Wikimedia”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

You’re one of the sociopaths ( ) in favor of overly restrictive IP laws I take it.

It makes sense that the CoC would want the debates locked up. IP extremists are notoriously anti-democracy (our existing IP laws were not democratically passed at all) and so it makes sense that they would want to lock anything that may resemble democracy away from the public as much as they can.

and so far IP laws have only ever been extended and expanded and that’s entirely the result of corporate influence and not democracy. The moment anyone tries to criticize IP laws at all you cry like a baby. You are just upset that someone is trying to participate in democracy to get the laws fixed and that your opinion is not the only opinion that gets to be heard. You’re even more upset that the overwhelming majority of people disagree with your opinion. It scares you, it’s now much harder for those interests that agree with you to get the laws and ‘trade negotiations’ that they want passed and maybe some day the laws may even start to move in the opposite direction now that everyone is getting more aggressive about how bad our laws are and how they need to be fixed.

You sound like an evil tyrant that can’t tolerate when everything doesn’t exactly go their way. Even one word of anyone dare criticizing your opinion and suddenly they are a radical extremist at the other end of the spectrum. But it is your opinion that is the extreme one, the opinion that anyone that disagrees with you is a radical extremist. and it is your IP absolutist opinion that is the extreme opinion here.

Oninoshiko says:

Copyrights can make for strange bedfellows.

It’s actually worth noting that the GPL (and similar “strong copyleft” licenses) actually becomes MORE effective by having a infinite “mickey mouse” copyright term. If copyright were “reformed” (we can debate if this is good or bad), it would affect open source/free software just as much as it would anyone else, meaning the strong “protections” would melt away as, for example, versions of linux became public domain after 40 years and it could be used as the basis for closed commercial code bases.

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