Internet Privacy Week: Sign The Bill Of Rights & Raise Money For The EFF

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We’ve teamed up with Namecheap and the EFF to promote Internet Privacy Week and continue the fight to protect your privacy online. Show your support by signing and sharing the new Internet Privacy Bill of Rights.

The fight to protect online privacy is happening on many fronts, but when it comes to the internet services we use every day, the best possible results will come from collaboration between users and providers. This week, we’re helping Namecheap and the EFF take a step in that direction with the declaration of Internet Privacy Week and the unveiling of the Internet Privacy Bill Of Rights.

The goal is to get online service providers to agree to uphold privacy by respecting five key user rights with respect to their data and how it is collected and used: transparency, control, recourse, export, and due process. The focus of the bill is on openness and control, leaving plenty of room for providers to do innovative things with data while ensuring users have full knowledge of what’s happening and a say in how their data is used. Read more about the five rights on the Privacy Week campaign page.

There are two important things you can do to help out — and just by doing so, you’ll be raising money for the EFF:

  1. Sign the Bill Of Rights! Namecheap and the EFF will be reaching out to service providers to convince them to agree to the bill, and the more support they can show the better.
  2. Share the campaign! Spread the word to help gather more signatures, and also to get the attention of companies.

For every 500 signatures and shares, Namecheap and its partners will donate $5000 to the EFF, up to a maximum of $25,000.

Internet Privacy Week continues until October 24th, and we’ll be bringing you some extra coverage of privacy issues, as well as more information about the Bill Of Rights. Also check out coverage on the Namecheap blog.

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Comments on “Internet Privacy Week: Sign The Bill Of Rights & Raise Money For The EFF”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Oh Please...

They are already shitting on the REAL constitution right in front of everyone faces and being coy about it.

This won’t do shit, it’s a pointless fucking venture! Nothing more than a bunch of “feel good” actions.

We are about to vote in one of two “I hate fucking liberty and the damned Constitution” Presidents this year. We have much bigger and more serious issues to contend with.

Yes, you can waste time trying to get water to the crops, but little good that will do when it is already tainted!

Anonymous Coward says:

How do I sign it?

While I do agree with the points on this petition (having seen a country with some of them put into law), I’ve got some issues with it.

I think point 4 should be expanded upon to say sites must (where applicable) support exporting & importing update streams live. That may not quite be on the point of privacy, but breaking open silos into a more free market would probably make more difference to privacy then the other points. (i.e. it would be the best way to enforce point 5.

Second I think labelling it a bill of rights is too strong for a realistic step in the right direction that this is, but then as I can’t think of a better title right now I’d let that slide.

But really what holds me back from signing & sharing it isn’t the document but it’s user experience. I don’t see a form anywhere on the page to sign it.

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