Only A Few Days Left To Get Your Techdirt Gear (And An Early Start On Christmas Shopping)

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Last chance to get Nerd Harder, Takedown and more! Order by Monday! »

Wouldn’t it be great if December rolled around and you realized “hey, I’ve already done half my holiday shopping”? Of course it would — and that’s why we held our super-early holiday gear sale in September. But now it’s almost at an end, and none of this gear will be coming back until next year!

Here’s what I suggest: before Monday, think through all the people you’ll need to buy gifts for this year, and separate them into groups. For the nerds and geeks, the coders and modders, and anyone whose job involves deadlines and a computer — well, they could surely use a Nerd Harder mug for their desk, or maybe a t-shirt or hoodie. For the musicians and artists and bloggers and most of all YouTube content creators, some Takedown gear ought to ring true and hit the spot. The creative and culturally conscious folks with no love for the big entertainment industries will enjoy declaring that Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants (and anyone who’s handy with a spatula might get a kick out of that one too). And apart from any friends you might have who are deeply aware of the legal situation surrounding encryption and/or DRM, our new Math Is Not A Crime gear should suit anyone who knows their way around numbers and is baffled by our math-anxious society.

And boom, just like that (assuming your circle of loved ones is sufficiently geeky) you’ve all but cleared your Christmas plate! Feels good, right? Plus you can always grab yourself a gift or two along the way.

The sale ends on Monday! Hurry up and order your gear today! »

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Comments on “Only A Few Days Left To Get Your Techdirt Gear (And An Early Start On Christmas Shopping)”

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Dave Cortright says:

It'd be cool if your vendor supported tall sizes

I generally don’t buy standard T’s like this because I’m tall and thin, so none of the standard sizes fit very well. Not sure if there are print-to-order vendors out there that do support tall sizes, but several of the popular online clothing retailers do: Land’s End, LL Bean, American Eagle, and the Gap brands (incl Old Navy and Banana Republic).

charliebrown (profile) says:

Content ID-Shirt

I “reserved” one of the content removed shirts with T-spring in case they restarted it (which they did) because if it restarted, I wanted to be notified about it so I could buy one.

It turned out that it didn’t just notify me, it was the purchase as well, which, at the time it went through, suddenly made my credit card almost $40 overdrawn! Well, I’m getting the T-shirt, I’ve paid the extra on the credit card and, overall, I’m not complaining, I just know what will happen if there’s a next time!

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