Techdirt T-Shirts: DMCA Takedowns And Election Voting — Only Available For A Few More Days

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Instead of the reading list, this week we’re reminding folks that two of our most popular t-shirts are available on Teespring, but only if you order quickly. Our popular copyright takedown t-shirt is available again, after someone pre-ordered a whole bunch yesterday, tipping the campaign and re-opening it. But you’ve only got 3 more days to get in on that one.

And then we’ve got our new Vote2016() t-shirt explaining your Presidential voting choices this year in code (and, yeah, yeah, we’ve already heard all your comments about third parties, but let’s keep this real here and admit that the code here is what most people are actually looking at). That one’s available for just four more days, and you should order soon so you can wear it as much as you want this election season (that one also has stickers which have proven to be quite popular as well!).

Either way, once these campaigns end, that’s it for getting those t-shirts, unless there’s suddenly a major new influx of demand — so don’t miss out. Get yours today — and help support Techdirt in the process.

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