Techdirt's New T-Shirt: The 2016 Election Choice… In Code

from the e-voting? dept

Limited time offer: Support Techdirt and get a Vote2016() t-shirt or hoodie!

Techdirt tends to care about policy a lot — and politics very, very little. But you have to admit that the 2016 Presidential election is fascinating on many different levels — in part because the unfavorability ratings of both major party candidates is at record breaking levels, and perhaps for good reason. Since you guys seem to have really appreciated our first few t-shirts/hoodies, we decided to create a new one that reflected a more techie perspective on this election, and the recognition of how many people may be voting… expressed in code. Buying one not only gives you a chance to express your opinion (and geek-cred) on the election, but it also helps support Techdirt.

Once again, we’re using Teespring for this campaign, which means if you want in on the initial run, it’s only available until Monday, August 15th, so order yours today. The t-shirts are only $20 and the hoodies are also a steal at $35 — and this time, it’s also available as a sticker!

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Comments on “Techdirt's New T-Shirt: The 2016 Election Choice… In Code”

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Leigh Beadon (profile) says:

Re: I Wonder Why ...

This is actually a point of debate. I know there are those who advocate stripping semicolons in places where the parser will add them for you – not me though, for a variety of reasons. Some good discussion about it in this stack thread:

CrushU says:

Re: I Wonder Why ...

For the same reason people put periods in sentences?

You can technically get away without punctuation but some meaning is lost While you can still parse the sentence correctly it becomes a bit more difficult to do so Just because you can depend on a compiler to do something for you doesnt mean that you always should

Anonymous Coward says:

a shirt more befitting our circumstance...and girth.

function vote2016 () {
analyse.representation ();
return response |stout

stout: Max Representation est (-)63%
touch /history/politics/Representation 404.html >>2016


error (PatrioticDuty2Vote.lib)- you lack the required permissions to execute this file.

sudo chmod vote2016 777 /Rational/ConsideredResponces/vote2016/
file not found

mv /Unhealthy/IrrationalEmotions/ /Rational/ConsideredResponce/vote2016/ && chmod vote2016 777 /Rational/ConsideredResponces/vote2016/

where PatrioticDuty2Vote.lib
(1)fantasy-roleplay/Rational Policy For Rational Worlds that exist only in the minds of idealistic political theorists, and those without the time, intelligence, and/or knowledge to question them/
(2)nazi fetish porn/Propaganda tools to legitimize corruption of established powers/

clamav -v /PatrioticDuty2Vote.lib
scanning for viruses… Hit 1 of 1

PatrioticDuty2Vote appears to be an extensive and invasive trojen/virus based on a collusion of several common cognitive bias errors- this causes victims to suffer group insanity, by continuing to support and legitimize candidates and parties that do not represent their interests, (and due to financial realities will NEVER properly represent) because they believe it will be worse if the other candidate is elected.

clamav -quarantine PatrioticDuty2Vote.lib
Warning: numerous dependency chains detected. PatrioticDuty2Vote.lib can not be removed or quarantined.
Creating skeptic sandbox and monitoring for PatrioticDuty2Vote.lib
sanity check….
Failed! OS reinstall recommended.

( youtube-dl -cit

Anonymous Coward says:

perl anyone?

#! /bin/perl

open (FUTURE,”find -name candidate /worthy |”) OR warn (“a dire future”) ;
die (“live free or”) if (($lament = *FUTURE) == 0) ;

while my $evil (<$lament>) {
@remains = split(/GOOD/, $evil) ;
unless ($#remains && $evil) {
print libertarian() ;

sub libertarian {
our $diversity ;
bless $diversity, %america ;
for (
my $vote = (values(@bernie) && ! rand($hillary));
$#diversity > $hillary && $#diversity > $trump;
$vote = $johnsonweld + 1) {

return (‘liberty’, $johnsonweld) ;

(haven’t tested for run)

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