Time Running Out On Techdirt T-Shirts: Nerd Harder & Home Cooking Both End Soon

from the don't-miss-out dept

As you may know, last month, we ran a t-shirt campaign for our “Nerd Harder” t-shirt, in response to various folks in governments and legacy companies thinking that if only the techies “nerd harder” they can solve everything from terrorism to copyright infringement. The campaign was super successful, with hundreds of folks buying shirts. But, apparently, some of you (you know who you are) somehow missed that campaign. Teespring has a feature where if enough people reserve a t-shirt from a campaign that’s completed, the campaign will reopen for a short time — and that’s exactly what’s happened with our Nerd Harder t-shirt:

But it’s for a very limited time: just a few hours left until that campaign closes, and who knows if there will be enough demand to reopen it. So don’t miss out. We’ve already seen lots and lots and lots of happy customers from the first round, so here’s a chance to join them. But only for a few more hours.

And, then, of course, we also have our second t-shirt campaign running as well, for our Home Cooking is Killing Restaurants parody of the old “hold taping is killing music” campaign. People seem to really like that shirt as well (and we also have it in hoodie version). That campaign is running through this coming Tuesday, but might as well buy both shirts in one shot.

Both shirts come in multiple color choices (buy more than one to have a variety!) and in men’s and women’s cuts. And, of course, buying these t-shirts not only makes you look cool, but also helps support Techdirt.

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Comments on “Time Running Out On Techdirt T-Shirts: Nerd Harder & Home Cooking Both End Soon”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Re:

Odd. So you’re making fun of the fact that we’re actually making money? I’m not sure what point you think you’re proving unless you’ve totally misread everything we’ve basically ever written (which seems likely).

Your awesome new business model is really stickin’ it to those legacy bastards who refuse to adapt. #livinlarge

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:5 Re:

Your awesome new business model is really stickin’ it to those legacy bastards who refuse to adapt. #livinlarge

It’s neither new, nor “stickin’ it” to anyone, nor have I ever said that anyone should do either of those things.

I think you’re confusing (on purpose or out of ignorance?) my repeated suggestions that those who are failing to make money by relying on old systems to try alternative business models. In fact, we’ve always mentioned merchandise as one such business model. The whole point is to leverage what’s working (abundance) and selling scarcities (such as products).

And, even then your point makes no sense. We’re actually leveraging some cool internet services in the form of crowdfunding and campaign management to run this campaign.

So. Yeah. Your point just makes you look like a complete idiot. But, no surprise. No wonder you no longer log in. Tired of people calling out your shit or working out who really pays your bills?

Whatever says:

Re: Re: Re:6 Re:

” The whole point is to leverage what’s working (abundance) and selling scarcities (such as products).”

Exactly what scarcity are you selling? Black T-Shirts? Mocking logos? Simplistic jargonism? There isn’t a shortage of any of those things.

The only scarcity is your personal choice to discontinue the product after a short period of time. I am sure teespring would print as many as you want for as long as you want, so the scarcity is artificial and meaningless.

Put another way: Tomorrow morning, someone can put the same thing up and start selling your “scare” good. Now are they really scarce, or just artificially limited to pump up the price?

Mike Masnick (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Nothing says great customer experience like a “Last available about 5 minutes ago” order rejection, 9 hours after the “Only 24 hours left for Nerd Harder” email.

Argh! That does suck. You can click the reserve button and if there are enough the campaign should reopen, but I’ll try to find out why the email was misleading. That’s not cool.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re

Thanks, Mike. I’ve contacted Teespring, but so far it’s just a generic “the campaign has ended” response.

Totally understand how things can get out of sync with things like server time config and bulk email campaigns, but I expected them to acknowledge their practices triggered a poor customer experience.

Glad this happened, though! I work with online creators and MCNs. My role isn’t promotion or merch, but it’s helpful to experience ordering/fulfillment from the audience side.

No reflection on TechDirt. I’ve been a reader since the Slash days, and finally subscribed! (Just not buying any t-shirts.) Teespring, however, may become one of those unnamed but easily guessed examples at an industry panel discussion.

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