New T-Shirt: Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants

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Limited time offer: Support Techdirt and get a Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants t-shirt or hoodie!

In the 80s, the BPI launched its now-iconic campaign to combat an early form of copyright infringement: Home Taping Is Killing Music.

Of course, as it turned out, that wasn’t true — music is alive and well — and the notion that taping songs from the radio for personal use should qualify as copyright infringement is questionable to begin with (even if it’s not at all surprising that record labels saw it that way). Naturally, the campaign was and is ripe for parody (Techdirt friend Dan Bull even made a whole song about it) and our favorite is a simple alternative version…

And so we introduce a new t-shirt (or hoodie!) from Techdirt: Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants:

Just like our last t-shirt, we’re offering this one via Teespring as a limited-time campaign. From now until July 4th, you can get the Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants design on a men’s or women’s t-shirt or a high-quality hoodie in a variety of colors — so order yours today!

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Comments on “New T-Shirt: Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants”

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Ben (profile) says:


I still haven’t received my Nerd Harder shirt from them. I did receive a very nice email saying

“We’re excited to tell you your order has been shipped, and is now on its way to you! Look out for a bright blue bag in the mailbox between Tue, Jun 7 — Tue, Jun 14!”

— which was sent on June 17th(!)

I think I will hold off on any orders from them until I’ve at least received the last one.

Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Great restaurants drive good home cooking.

While there is nothing, in any restaurant, anywhere, that cannot be made by a home cook, should they desire to learn to do so, and can obtain the ingredients, and wish to expend the effort; it is still difficult to impossible to achieve the ambiance, entertainment, or atmosphere, let alone the service that may be produced by a great restaurant. Good ones get much of that, but usually not all. Then there are the feeding stations.

Still, I like the T-shirt.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

It’s a joke. The whole point is to show how inane the original claim, that home taping is killing the music industry, was. and it was an inane claim, just like the home cooking is an inane claim. That’s the point.

If Hollywood doesn’t like inane analogies perhaps they shouldn’t make stupid insane claims.

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