DailyDirt: Crazy Cars That No One Drives

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We’re on the verge of a transportation revolution with autonomous cars and electric vehicles about to become mainstream means of mobility. Various concept cars make the future of transportation look more bubble-shaped or like spandex, so the roads are really going to look a bit crazy if we allow 40-year-old muscle cars to drive along with surviving K-cars and futuristic-looking Tron-like hypercars. Check out a few more crazy cars that aren’t quite practical in the links below.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Crazy Cars That No One Drives”

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Roger Strong (profile) says:


> …and the other companies haven’t said a word on when (or whether) their air cars will be ready.

Sure they have. In 1998 MDI announced that Mexico City had purchased a fleet of 40,000 compressed air taxis, hitting the streets in two years.

Here they are in 2000 announcing production in South Africa. There were already two factories in France, with the first models expected on the streets later that year. There were also five factories planned for Mexico and Spain, with three in Australia.

They actually had a factory running in Italy with 90 employees from 2003 to 2005. Except that employees were “paid” via state benefits – a payroll to employees who, for special reasons due to the employers, are unable to perform their jobs. No cars were ever built by the factory.

Those examples were already well into their grand tour of the planet, with other production deals announced before and since in many other countries.

As the first link mentions, they weren’t so much selling cars as they were selling priority rights ($300,000) for investors to invest MORE money into the franchised turnkey factories that MDI would soon be selling.

scatman says:

pink elephant

electric motors are efficient in stop and go city traffic…
diesel motors are efficient in highway traffic…
When will we see a diesel-electric hybrid for sell in the US?
Correction: Will big oil companies and bought politicians ever allow diesel-electric hybrids to be sold to the public in the US?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: pink elephant

Correction: Will big oil companies and bought politicians ever
> allow diesel-electric hybrids to be sold to the public in the US?

Because diesel-electric hybrids are so popular in europe and the rest of the world?

Wait, there aren’t any diesel-electric hybrids in europe and the rest of the world?

Those darn oil companies.

Ninja (profile) says:

Re: Re: pink elephant

I believe there are such cars. But for emissions sake it doesn’t make much sense. You don’t need the torque diesel offers to move an electric engine and gasoline/ethanol ones are better in higher speeds (where the electric engines become less competitive). An hybrid approach seems pretty reasonable. I still would like to see fuel-cell cars using standard hydrocarbons instead of hydrogen. You already have the infra-structure to support such cells, much easier to make it scale.

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