DailyDirt: Flying Around Everywhere..?

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The promise of flying cars and a future like the Jetsons obviously hasn’t come to pass, but people are still working on it. Yes, drivers haven’t even mastered safely navigating roads, and adding another dimension and the risk of falling out of the sky isn’t going to help. Still, we shouldn’t let these challenges prevent us from trying to create an awesome and boundless future of flying safely to work or school or a grocery store. Maybe we’ll have groceries delivered by drones, instead of needing to shop for them in person, but traveling everyday by flying shouldn’t just be for the birds.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Flying Around Everywhere..?”

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Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

Flying cars will never be a thing until, at the very least, autonomous cars are a thing.

Don’t believe me? Just try driving somewhere. Look around and see just how many idiot drivers there are out there who can’t handle driving in 2 dimensions. Anyone who wants to give them a third dimension to drive recklessly in is someone whose brain is not braining properly.

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