Awesome Stuff: Nerd Harder T-Shirt From Techdirt (Last Chance)

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Last Chance: Support Techdirt and get a “Nerd Harder.” T-shirt!

Okay, sure, if you religiously read every post on Techdirt, you’re already aware that we’re selling a Nerd Harder T-shirt, but I know not everyone reads every post. I’ve already had quite a few people that I’ve spoken to admit they didn’t know about our limited time T-Shirt sale — which ends tomorrow — until I mentioned it, at which point they got excited about it. People seem to clearly like the shirt, and we’ve sold way more than we initially expected, but if you like it too, we didn’t want you to miss out, so for this week’s “Awesome Stuff” post, rather than posting some other people’s crowdfunding campaigns, we’ll post this, which gives you a chance to not only get a really cool t-shirt, but to support Techdirt as well.

In case you missed our original post, this T-shirt is a response to the increasing number of claims we’ve seen lately from non-tech people assuming that technology can do anything if those smart people out in Silicon Valley just put their minds to it. We’ve seen the FBI claim that if we just worked harder at it, we could build backdoored encryption that doesn’t undermine encryption. And then we saw the copyright industry claim that if Silicon Valley can build a self-driving car, clearly it can build a system to block infringing material without destroying fair use. Computer security expert Matt Blaze rebutted this idea beautifully once by saying it’s the equivalent of “we put a man on the moon, why can’t we put a man on the sun?” demonstrating the fact that non-tech people don’t seem to even remotely understand the relative differences between the things they’re suggesting.

Julian Sanchez coined the term “nerd harder” as a short hand for this, and we thought that while it makes for terrible policy, it’s a catchy T-shirt slogan. And a nice way to support Techdirt while getting a cool T-shirt at the same time.

It’s only available until tomorrow, so don’t miss out.

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