DailyDirt: Keeping Mosquitoes Away…

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The Zika virus has highlighted how much some of us hate mosquitoes. These biting insects aren’t just annoying. They also spread horrible diseases. Previously, we’ve mentioned some plans for destroying all mosquitoes, but that’s probably not the most environmentally-friendly way to go about preventing the spread of mosquito-borne infections. Also, some people seem to attract more bites than others, but how well do mosquito repellents actually work, anyway?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Keeping Mosquitoes Away…”

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psiuuuuuu (profile) says:

If you can, stop them before they hatch

Been using the Mosquito Bits/Dunks for a couple years now. They use a bacteria that kills the larvae in the water. Best approach is to get it out there before the first big wave of them hit – less breeding going on the better.

Been using other natural (but effective!) solutions for other pests – milky spore for Japanese beetles (bacteria kills the grubs in the soil), neem oil as a short lived and natural pesticide for aphid control.

Unleashed some monster earthworms here though. Hmmm….

Ninja (profile) says:

They are using malathion here to control the mosquitoes. It’s almost like setting the crop on fire to control some plague. There are plenty of other approaches that don’t involve using some dangerous substance but they would need better environmental practices. Too expensive.

I’ve seen some data in this field for São Paulo city and simply increasing green areas and generally lowering temperatures (paint roofs white!) has a big impact on the proliferation of the mosquito because it increases the length of its reproductive cycle.

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