DailyDirt: Personal Mobility Devices

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Hoverboards of various designs have captured the imagination of kids for quite some time. Mobility devices like the Segway were supposed to revolutionize transportation and city planning, perhaps replacing cars with somewhat ridiculous 2-wheeled vehicles. Maybe someday self-balancing mobility devices won’t be some kind of joke. We might have to wait until all the patents expire, though.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Personal Mobility Devices”

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JoeCool (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Can we get businesses to stop using the word “piracy” for things that don’t actually, you know, involve pirates?

Can we get businesses to stop using the word “theft” for things that aren’t actually, you know, stolen?

Can we get businesses to stop using the word “free” for things that aren’t actually, you know, free?

For these and many more, the answer is – HELL NO!

Andrew D. Todd (user link) says:

How Fast Can A Wheelchair Go?

Well, I used to have a friend, back in the 1980’s, who was wheelchair-bound, and hand-pushed his wheelchair at anything up to thirty miles per hour. He’d push it so that the chair was tipped back at a thirty-degree angle, the little front wheels up in the air, and the chair riding only on its big wheels, the general effect being that of a jet airplane on takeoff. I suppose you could use the drive mechanism and controls of a Segway scooter, only built into a wheelchair, with those big bicycle-sized wheels.

There was a woman in my town who used a Segway for a while. She had previously had a long-wheelbase motorized wheelchair (especially designed for sidewalk-running), and a big handsome Labrador Retriever to run alongside her. I think she must have switched to the Segway when the dog died.

About thirty or forty years ago, Road & Track magazine did a review of a gasoline-powered pogo-stick.

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