DailyDirt: More 'All Natural' Ingredients Are Coming…

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A bunch of food companies are pledging to remove artificial colors and flavors from their products. We mentioned before that Starbucks tried a different color for its drinks and had a slight problem. While the FDA says there’s no link between artificial colors and any health issues, ultimately consumers are pushing for more natural ingredients and voting with their spending trends.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: More 'All Natural' Ingredients Are Coming…”

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Paraquat (profile) says:


> Bread packaging with nanodroplets of oregano and clove
> essential oils can help keep bread free of mold
> — for more than 2 weeks!

The problem with nano-foods is that the effects of consuming them have barely been studied. A few years ago there was a big fad of consuming nano-milk because it led to much better absorption of calcium (about 10 times normal), thus leading to stronger teeth and bones. Great, except that evidence started to emerge that it greatly increased the chance of developing milk-alkali syndrome, which can cause kidney failure and death.

I have no idea if nanodroplets of oregano and clove essential oils is harmful. Apparently it kills bread mold. That’s nice, but does it do anything harmful to intestinal flora? Without careful testing (which probably nobody is doing), we don’t know. And that is the big problem with nano-foods – we are creating new substances and haven’t tested them for safety.

Nilt (profile) says:

The FDA can claim that all they like, but the fact is you can still be allergic to these substances. My wife is allergic to Red Dye 40, for example, and it’s in all sorts of things from white pills to hamburger, of all things. Getting such things out in any way possible can only bebe a good thing.

This isn’t to say other ingredients can’t have the same issue, of course, but why anyone wants a petroleum based Dye in their FOOD is beyond me.

klaus says:

Re: Frankenbread

There’s this nasty British invention that’s a particular hobby-horse of mine… Chorleywood.


Even the French are going overboard for this crap. Yes, the French. The land of the crusty baguette, where finding the freshest loaf from the finest boulangerie is (was) the leading national pastime. If you’re into healthy food, I recommend reading Andrew Whitley’s “Bread Matters”. Even if you never get to make your own, it shows just how much our food is being screwed with.

mcinsand (profile) says:

Re: added colors

>why anyone wants a petroleum based Dye in their FOOD is
>>beyond me.

If anyone was to add a color to food, petroleum-based dyes are far better from a toxicology perspective than a natural color. That’s a fact, period. Mother nature isn’t always as careful with how she builds a chromophore as we have learned to be, and many have tox properties that would not be permissible in a synthetic. With our logic-deficient systems, however, natural materials often get a pass where synthetic compounds would rightfully be barred as food additive.

However, adding a color to food just for the sake of appearance is ridiculous to me. Taste and texture matter to me, but I’m just as happy with a mottled red and green apple if it tastes good as one that polished and ruby-red. Actually, I’m happier with the former.

As for my qualifications, I did my PhD work in colorant studies, including studies to characterize functionalities that lead to and avoid toxicological concerns.

Anonymous Coward says:

While the FDA says there’s no link between artificial colors and any health issues

FDA is a paid whore for the industry.

Additionally, there are a lot things that fall under that classification… Like Tylenol for example. People were taking it for years before people really figured out that liver damage might but your new worst friend if you take too much.

Like so many other things in this world the default stance from people that make your food and the DFA is this line of “no link” as justification to just stick all manor of shit into the food supply.

Most food coloring and other ingredients are only their to improve the appearance of food or shelf life but not the nutritive value.

People perish for lack of knowledge.

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