Final Reminder: Tell The EU Commission Not To Wreck The Internet With Poorly Thought Out Regulations

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Join us in telling EU regulators not to wreck the net.
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Just a quick reminder of our project to remind EU regulators not to wreck the internet with short-sighted regulations, where you can sign on to a letter that will be sent out early next week. The issue is that EU regulators have taken what seems like a good idea (removing geographic restrictions on the internet in Europe) and turned it into an excuse to try to cram in a bunch of bad internet regulations, mostly focused on removing or weakening intermediary liability protections. It appears that some in the EU Commission think that by forcing Google and Facebook to monitor communications and be forced to more proactively delete content that it will somehow (1) stop bad stuff from happening online and (2) hold back those two companies from continuing to dominate the European market.

They’re wrong on both accounts and need to hear from people — both inside and outside the EU. Such rules will not stop bad stuff from happening, and actually could make it more difficult to track down when necessary. And, it will almost certainly further entrench the biggest internet companies, as they’ll have the resources (both money and people) to deal with the monitoring requirements, while startups will be unfairly harmed and burdened by such demands. Imagine trying to enter the video space today if you were required to build your own ContentID system first.

So please join all the people and companies who have already signed on and sign our letter as well. Thanks.

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