DailyDirt: Horsepower? Why Are We Measuring Anything With Horse-Based Units?

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Electric cars are getting more attention as they become more practical and eliminate the “range anxiety” factor. While battery-powered cars were actually some of the first horseless carriages, Tesla has gotten some recent publicity for its ‘ludicrous‘ performance — as well as plans for even bigger batteries (a 100kwh battery seems to be on Tesla’s horizon). There are a few other all-American electric cars with supercar-like specs and/or retro-styling, but when will a reasonably-priced (no subsidies!) all-electric commuter car be available? (March 31st?)

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Horsepower? Why Are We Measuring Anything With Horse-Based Units?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: supercars...

Because the Model S is not a supercar, or even a sports car for that matter. It’s an incredibly heavy vehicle that happens to be very fast in a straight line, but would be destroyed on any track by just about any modern supercar… particularly if it had to do multiple laps.

The “OMG ITS FASTAR THAN A FURRRARY” stupidity makes absolutely no sense.

Before people freak out on me for not going along with the “why would you buy a Ferrari when the Tesla is faster” BS, I do actually respect and very much like the Model S. It’s just not something that could ever be seen as an alternative to a supercar for anyone who actually wants a supercar.

Mason Wheeler (profile) says:

Re: EV

That’s not such a big deal, really.

For day-to-day work, your normal driving will be within the range of the battery, so all you have to do is plug in overnight, and you’re good. Or you can plug in at work. My employer has EV charging available in the parking lot, and I’m staring to see it pop up in a lot of malls and parking garages.

For long-range trips, you can stop off at a supercharger station along the way, then go across the street to a restaurant while your car fills up. Then at night, plug in at the hotel. (I haven’t seen any hotels offer charging services yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that started becoming a thing pretty quickly; it’s a very logical step.)

Not being able to fill up as fast as you can with a gasoline pump really stops being an issue when you stop having to go to a gas station to fill up.

Anonymous Coward says:

how about switching to whore’s power units? that would be impressive. essentially a measure of controlled violence not unlike the whore/scholar tackle in american football, but not exactly like it, either.

on a less serious note, i think some method for providing energy along major roadways is going to have to happen. something like the overhead lines for commuter trains, but probably delivered through the roadway. since we’re going to have to use autoautos, anyway, why not run them on rails? shoot the juice through the rails. we could charge the batteries on the highways for unattached use on off-the-beaten-path trips. onboard meters would establish who and how much to pay.

side benefit, the exposed highway rails would help control overpopulation (learning to think like flint here).

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